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  1. I like the look of that Bronco II!
  2. Two cans? Holy guacamole Batman! You could get the entirety of Colorado high as a kite with that much spray paint fumes!
  3. Gotta love that lone Giant Gorg just chillin' there with the rest of 'em lol.
  4. @Dangard Ace Yeah, me too. Thought it was a nice prologue for the two movies to come. The fight scenes were absolute garbage tho. Couldn't see a thing it was so dark!
  5. While we're on the topic of joints, @captain america, have you ever considered using Lego pieces as joints? For example, these tiny ball-and-socket joints are cheaper (and more durable) than Revoltech joints. I don't know why that part is Xed out, but this was the best image i could find to show most of them.
  6. Oh! I had no idea that it was so rampant! However, since editing entries is so easy, this can be easily fixed.
  7. Scalemates is a good website and my personal kit tracking database. I highly recommend that you check it out! It is easy to use if you follow the tutorials and has a massive plethora of model kits of all types; from sofubi to whitemetal to polyurethane to styrene!
  8. Sorry! I would really love to buy one, but times are tough. Oh well... Perhaps in a few months you could ask again. Personally, i would peruse some places that Robotech fans frequent and see if there are any interested parties there!
  9. Not an anime, but I plan on watching the entire Ultra series up to Ultraman Taro this summer!
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