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  1. I like the look of that Bronco II!
  2. Two cans? Holy guacamole Batman! You could get the entirety of Colorado high as a kite with that much spray paint fumes!
  3. Gotta love that lone Giant Gorg just chillin' there with the rest of 'em lol.
  4. @Dangard Ace Yeah, me too. Thought it was a nice prologue for the two movies to come. The fight scenes were absolute garbage tho. Couldn't see a thing it was so dark!
  5. While we're on the topic of joints, @captain america, have you ever considered using Lego pieces as joints? For example, these tiny ball-and-socket joints are cheaper (and more durable) than Revoltech joints. I don't know why that part is Xed out, but this was the best image i could find to show most of them.
  6. Oh! I had no idea that it was so rampant! However, since editing entries is so easy, this can be easily fixed.
  7. Scalemates is a good website and my personal kit tracking database. I highly recommend that you check it out! It is easy to use if you follow the tutorials and has a massive plethora of model kits of all types; from sofubi to whitemetal to polyurethane to styrene!
  8. Sorry! I would really love to buy one, but times are tough. Oh well... Perhaps in a few months you could ask again. Personally, i would peruse some places that Robotech fans frequent and see if there are any interested parties there!
  9. Not an anime, but I plan on watching the entire Ultra series up to Ultraman Taro this summer!
  10. Cool! DO you have any other resin kits? Also, could you please post more pics?
  11. Hello everyone! I am currently working on updating Scalemates.com with images and information regarding obscure resin kits. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone with pictures please post them here. I am looking for in particular MegaZone 23, Macross, Southern Cross, Orguss, Mospeada, and the like, but any mecha resin kit will do! If you have a box of a resin kit (any condition will do) please place the box facedown on a printer scanner, and save the picture as a jpg. If this is not feasible, any old photograph will be just fine!
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