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  1. Big shout to @Corrinald, great transaction, Roy (DX VF-1S) came in perfect condition!
  2. bought a DX VF-1J back on early January from @mcfly50, great guy, smooth transaction. +1
  3. haha got it. for now I just want to remove the dust, and clean up the dirt/grease from the plastic that accumulates while handling/transforming the toy
  4. is there a thread or post, for how to clean and maintain these toys?
  5. Algy


    Hi, I'm interested. Sent you a PM!
  6. Algy

    DX VF-1S Roy

    thanks for the tip, but I would like to buy it from a US seller
  7. Algy

    DX VF-1S Roy

    Like the title says, looking to buy this bad boy with the special stand (full package). Thanks!
  8. I sent you a PM!
  9. Hi, I'm new on this forum. Bought a second hand vf-1a max jenius a week ago, waiting to arrive! Already have an arcadia roy vf-1s movie ver. with strike parts, so really excited to get my first DX ... not to say the same from my wallet lol
  10. Very detailed review! ... looking forward to get this bad boy.
  11. Encontre por ahi en la seccion de Feedback que uno pregunto eso y le dijieron q mas o menos 10 comments tenes q hacer para q t deje comentar ahi. Gracias @Convectuoso
  12. Hola gente, me uno al foro, soy Algy, desde Argentina! Estoy interesado en poder postear comments en el foro de compra y venta, pero no me aparece el lugar para escribir. Supongo que sera una restriccion para usuarios nuevos, puede ser? Gracias!
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