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  1. here... 17's and 171's...
  2. I couldn't wait.... so I may have to update this when they release it.
  3. here is what I am using as the greater overall references for the yf-29: & yf-30...:
  4. Done with the AZ-130 Panzerzorene... back to the drawing board for the FZ-109A (and F) Elgerzorene...
  5. I have not yet done up a YF-29 or the YF-30.... but those are eventually coming down the pipe... hope the views help!
  6. and from the help comes the VF-14B Vampire!
  7. Rough Scale sizes (please note most of these are rough and I have not worked on them yet....)
  8. Currently I am working on refining the VF-14 (M7 version), making out the FZ-109 A/F, the AZ-130, FBz-99 and the VF-19 Variants... (A is almost done, as well as the E's wings... my guess is I'll do most of the Main fighters, re-do the Macross 7 (with City 7 possibly)...
  9. No currently I have no plans for those.
  10. So here are some updates.... We've been working on the VF-14, VF-17 and VF-171.
  11. SO I've been slowly working on many things with my Buddy Byron... and made some progress on the VF-5000G Star Mirage... it still has some work to be done (the bottom is still light on details... but I was looking at her next to the VF-9 Cutlass... and I realized I need to thin out the Cutlass' wings!!! Either way, enjoy the pics for now!
  12. I am interested in trying to get my hands on the VF-14 vampire transformable resin model that is well out of print as well as I heard there was a good VF-17 (fighter) kit out there... I am also very interested in the Moscato / Neptune Models ES-11B Cat's eye kit out there! thanks!
  13. Gidiot

    V-BR-2 ...

    ok... calling her done: I decided she was to be bigger than the VF-4. I think she's at least a 2 seater [one facing forward and one facing back ward]. Top: Bottom: Front: Back: and Side:
  14. Gidiot

    V-BR-2 ...

    Ok... so I modified that lateral thruster back to just being a vent.... and shortened up the wings so they weren't too wide! (I've included a top view of the "too wide" as well as the reduced size comparing it to the VBR-2's closest relative the VF-4:
  15. Gidiot

    V-BR-2 ...

    well here it is with thrusters... I think I'm going to change to a vent on the exterior side... but wanted to get people's opinions... so:
  16. Gidiot

    V-BR-2 ...

    I was asked to try my modeling skill at making the VBR-2... I've started it. I know some parts are still needing work, but I think she's a good start! if you see anything or have suggestions... like what should go between the two Engines? small directional thrusters? or left flat and blank?
  17. So the VF-3000 is done (or at least it's as done as it's going to be for a little while. She'll be printing here in a week or so (along with my Macross 7) so I might have some initial images by months end.... Right now I'm switching over to the VA-3A, VF-17D & T as well as some others... Including background aircraft (VC-33 Mother's Kitchen and the VC-27 Tunny)... not to mention continuing to try to work on the FZ-109A/F...
  18. Depends on the type of modeling.... what you see above is blender, but I also have access to a student version of Autodesk fusion and a friend who will use Zbrush. But I'm most comfortable using Blender currently.
  19. and while I'm at it... here are the Macross 19 (my version of Battle 7), The Uraga and the Saratoga II. The SDF-1 is not my file and was found on the internet.
  20. So I've posted my work for the VF-3000 (still in progress) I thought I'd add the other Valkyries i've done or am working on.... now a couple of the Valks are from thing verse and really low quality (SV-262, VF-31, VF-29, VF-11 MAXL) and the VF-1 and VF-19 are also not mine but I wanted to do a size comparison... again the FZ-109, VF-3000 are "works in progress" but the VF-X-11, F-203, VF-9 and Fan Racer are all done...
  21. Small refinements on the VF-3000 Crusader, mostly around the Head unit weapons. still lots to do... making the wings sweepable .... and so on. As for the FZ-109Z Elgerzorene I realized we were ignoring the Side view and in frustration will be re-working to align with it more... Taking the position that the ¾ views are slightly warped or stretched to simulate being three dimensional..... oh well back to the drawing tablet! As I mentioned, I am looking to have it so the wings will sweep back and forth... here it's shown about 75% forward... here it's shown swept back... Still have work to rectify the head and Head cannons... but I'm starting by making sure the cannons themselves look about right...
  22. so did we get any news?
  23. IS there any update for the Wave VF-171?
  24. Awesome! I can use this for both the VF-14 and as a good base if the FZ-109 Elgerzorene! Thank you!
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