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  1. I was able to get it to work. Order placed. Thanks for posting.
  2. Tried to order 2 but received message that it exceeds limit.
  3. Very new to this. This information is very helpful. Thank you! Going to create an account with MyK and also check those proxies. Going to place an order for April release instead of trying for a December release.
  4. Thank you. I saw this site and was trying to order until I noticed ‘Japan only’. Then I was trying to find a site that shipped to the US but didn’t see options at nin. I’ll probably wait for the release and try to score vs waiting until April.
  5. Looking for super parts for Roy. Has the preorder past?
  6. PayPal has a 180 day dispute limit.
  7. Hey. It was $301 without fees or shipping. Total was $354. Used fedex/DHL option.
  8. Hello. It was $301 without fees or shipping. Total was $354.
  9. Got the email at 8:10. Hope you get your confirmation soon.
  10. Got tracking information for Roy from nin-nin.
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