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  1. This looks amazing! Well done! This has actually been my avatar picture since I signed up on MW years ago! I'd love to get a set or two!
  2. Still no sign of my shirts. Probably another week I expect though.
  3. PP has been sent for one XL! Phew, almost forgot about the deadline!
  4. Yes, shame on me, but I FINALLY watched the entire Macross Frontier (regular episodes only so far). Anyway, exploring my BD Evangelion 1.11 (at least I think it was this disc), I caught a trailer for a series called Area88. I have now watched the first 4 episodes, and am rather enjoying it.
  5. Hey yellowlightman, just wondering if you have any updates on this project?
  6. PM sent about one XL black and one XL blue! EDIT: And now this makes PP sent!!! Thanks alot for doing these again!! I keep kicking myself for missing the first run!
  7. So, where these actually going to get made, as in 100% embroidered 4" patches?
  8. PP has been sent for one! I can't WAIT to get this whole collection! My closet is sorely lacking a strong Macross showing!!! Thanks for doing these, and great idea on a "series"!!!
  9. Coool! A series of shirts! This may help make up for me missing several shirts in previous years. And YES! We definitely need a Macross and a destroid! And just so I understand correctly, there will be a gap between the sale or each variant?
  10. Here's another positive vote for Knightdramon. My 1/60 VF-0S with ghost arrived extremely well-packaged, and quickly. Excellent communication!
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