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  1. I already got mine a couple of weeks ago. I never heard anything from AmiAmi a week after they were shipping things out so I contacted them on their website and that got things moving. I was suggesting to kkx to contact them if he hasn't already.
  2. I had to message them on their website before things started to move. Have you done that yet?
  3. After sending a private message to LP to check up on my order things finally moved and DHL shows shipment on the way. Thanks @LUNA PARK!
  4. I believe the reason people are asking is because the Luna Park rep stated that orders from the US and Canada should be delivered by Thursday. Whether that means it will all be shipped out by Thursday or actually delivered to customers in the US and Canada.
  5. Last time it took them over 3 weeks to ship out my item and they blamed it on the Olympics. Wonder what it is going to be this time?
  6. I wouldn't hold my breath. I emailed them about my concern about the poor packaging that others were reporting and they just choose to ignore it and ship it out the same way they did. This was 2 weeks after everyone was reporting and they claimed it was due to DHL not being able to pick up the packages due to the Olympics. So to me their story of giving it to a 3rd party to package and stuff doesn't seem to flow since everyone's package was packaged the same way regardless if it went out first or 3 weeks later. Luna Park never offered anything other than just the same excuse of a third party and being delayed by the Olympics. For me personally I wouldn't put them in the same category as NY but they are now down at the bottom of the list of places to do business with. Pretty much last resort if I can't get it anywhere else.
  7. From everything I have read it appears that Luna Park just bubbled wrapped the box and then put a plastic DHL bags around it and sent it out that way. I received mine yesterday and the box was crushed and dented. At this point it seems as thou Luna Park does a poor job of packaging their stuff. Has anyone else order a different item and have the same experience with the poor packaging?
  8. Glad you finally got them to send you your VF-1D. I find it strange that the excuse they gave many of us was that their officers were in Tokyo during the Olympics and that was why they could not ship them out during those 2 weeks. And now yours is coming out of Nagoya which is a bit of a distance from their offices in Tokyo.
  9. Mine finally showed movement after I sent my 4th email to them asking about it and hinted that I may need to contact my Credit Card company and file a dispute. Got a response from them saying the delay was due to the Olympics and that they had over 200 orders and 170 have been sent out already. The rest would be sent out this week.
  10. Sorry to hear you are having an issue with Nin-Nin. I pre-ordered the VF-1D from them as well and got mine last week. I know Paypal has the 6 month limit but depending on your CC company you may still be able to open a dispute with them.
  11. Still no movement and I have already emailed Luna Park 3 times regarding this and each time they reply with a brief email about they will look into it and I never hear back from them. The last email I got from them on the 3rd said they would make sure to get it to me this week. Still no movement so I'm starting to think they sent all those packages to DHL and have no control over what DHL is doing with them for the last 2 weeks.
  12. Thanks for the advice. I will contact them again ask them to package it securely and hopefully get a status as to why the DHL label has been printed but have not been dropped off to DHL.
  13. That may be true. I emailed them on Friday asking them about the status and they replied back saying they would check on it on Monday and have not heard back from them. Trying to see if anyone else is having this same issue or just me?
  14. Mine still showing the same. Its been over a week and no answer from Luna Park about this. Anyone else having the same issue?
  15. Anyone else get this DHL tracking info from Luna Park? Its been like this ever since I got the shipping info on Tuesday.
  16. I pre-ordered mine on Dec 24th, 2020 and not a peep from Luna Park.
  17. I wonder with the Olympics happening this week if it is delaying some of our orders?
  18. I think my Roy decided to take a trip around Japan because FedEx sure is taking the scenic route to get to me in California.
  19. I once had a FedEx package wrongly delivered to a business instead of my home. It was signed for and they knew exactly where the package was delivered. I called them up and told them. End result I was told to contact the shipper to file a claim because FedEx didn't want to waste the time searching for the misdelivered package. I hope they don't pull this on you and ever since then I have tried to avoid FedEx as much as possible.
  20. Just got my shipping/tracking info from Nin-Nin. I was part of the first pre-order batch so there is hope for those that ordered from them.
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