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    woops, dunoo how that happened, sorry
  2. Believe it or not, but I bought this on accident sort of. I had put it in my cart to get a qoute for shipping. I left it in there and completely spaced it when I bought something else. I had totally forgotten about it until I saw the charge on my CC. Totally didn't have the $$ for it, guess I'll have to divert funds from my motorcycle savings.
  3. I think every Chogokin must come in a box this size, and in retro style from now on! Gosh dang!
  4. I think ill try to de yellow it come spring unless I can find a UV lamp for cheap
  5. I just cut the seal on this, openeing it for the first time. Yeowza!
  6. Does any one know where to get the acrylic stands/risers that can be used in Detolf cabinets? It seems that the majority of my bots are nearly the same height.
  7. No problem, doodski
  8. I ended up with an extra Roy and it is now in the BST section if anyone is interested.
  9. Was able to score 2 Roys from AJ (one for me me and one for a buddy). At $298 shipped with DHL, I would consider that a fair deal. Any more than that and it would have been a pass for me. Tell you what though, DHL seems to be on the ball. They were shipped yesterday and will be here tomorrow morning....dayum!
  10. I am surprised at the quality of it, its quite good.
  11. I needed this, not because I am a Red Bull addict, I just love cans of soda that transform into airplanes. ....i may be a Red Bull addict. I wonder if I have one in the fridge?
  12. Yeah, just a couple. I had already taken the shipping label off. Oh, and it cam opened...yes!!! it really was bad, I should have taken some more pics, but i sent it back. sorry, not trying to derail the thread.
  13. At least you got a box. Amazon US shipped my DX SOC Combattler in the buff. There was no shipping box, just the actual packaging with a huge shipping label stuck to the front plus about another 10 stickers with barcodes. I returned it today. I mean, I am easy going and will overlook some box damage, but not when I am spending $500+ for a collectible.
  14. Yeah....another smoosh. (It's worse than it looks) But. I am not really a "box collector". As long as the toy itself isn't damaged, it seems to be a fair trade off, especially if I am getting it for much less than local retail.
  15. I was able to finally chat with someone from AJ. They were quite helpful, but couldn't fix my issue. He or she even aknowledged that I had an extensive order history them, but told me I was out of luck. Oh well, I guess it's the game we have to play to get the items we want.
  16. While I am on a rant about AJ... Does any one know why AJ would restrict delivery to my location when they have sent similar items before? Example: every week I have been purchasing the Hachette weekly build Honda S800. Every issue has been purchased and sent sent with a problem (55 issues so far) until last week. I get the error message "Sorry, this item can;t be shipped to your selected location....." And this is something sold by Amazon. It's kinda frustrating as I kinda need every part to build the vehicle. Grrrr I apologize if this is not the correct place for this particular conversation.
  17. I went back and looked and you ar indeed correct. All of my smooshed packages lately have been 'fulfilled by Amazon' rather than sold directly by AJ. Strange, I never noticed the correlation.
  18. So, is this happening to you? I keep getting items shipped to me in bags. The toy boxes keep getting smooshed. Luckily nothing has broken...yet. I'd take the "no void fill" boxes any day over this.
  19. Kenny G

    Hi-Metal R

    Whoa, now I am really mad at myself for passing it up for an excellent price (compared to current prices) on AJ. Guess it doesn't matter since I sold off all my HMR
  20. I bought a few issues through AJ, but you have to be on the site when they're are listed as they quickly sold out. They usually go up on Tuesday at 8am here. I buy two other Hachette weekly build and have to play the game every Tuesday morning. Sometimes i.miss them.and other times AJ wont ship to my location which doesn't make sense since I have bought so many previously. CDJ is my backup. I actually gave up on the VF-1 sub and sold my issues.
  21. Kenny G

    Hi-Metal R

    Is the HMR Konig the same size as the DX version released several years ago?
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