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  1. Ok, my combo pack did arrive safely. Well packed by Luna Park. Thanks!
  2. Uh Oh! My combo pack ordered from Luna Park was just scanned as delivered by DHL...in the wrong state! I live in Michigan, my tracking updated as "delivered" in Washington DC. Wth. Order # 10972.
  3. I couldn't check out with my paypal, but I placed an order with my cc They do claim to be using EMS, which is still not available to the USA?
  4. I put in an order with anime export, and I went ahead and paid. They do a first come first serve thing with paid orders right? My main target is still the bundle, but having the armor set on order as a backup.
  5. Holy wizard! I'm really hoping this will be a bundle. I'm also hoping this could be the first macross dx that can be distributed in the USA!
  6. I have a set of these coming from Japan. ~$40 shipped to me, much more reasonable than the current asking price for the Bandai set. My plan is to modify the missiles to fit my DX DYRL Hikaru. Has anyone already tried this?
  7. I'd like to see something like the SoC DX line, a VF with removable armor pieces to expose internal mechanicals!
  8. I am hoping for a set. I don't have the Hikaru 1J, and the price of the potential set will likely retail for less than the aftermarket price of the first release. And a set would have the GBP armor! Maybe the higher retail price of the set will slow down the sell out. That would be good for me. I was up for the Roy preorder, but it was sold out too fast for me
  9. I received emails last night from CDJapan informing me that unregistered airmail is now a shipping option to the USA. I'm a bit nervous to go with that option. No tracking. It's probably going to be a long line, too. This may be a sign that registered airmail will be available soon, so I'm not sure what I'll do. I have quite a stash of goods sitting with them.
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