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  1. I can't help but think of the line in Age of Ultron when Black Widow explains to Bruce Banner why she can't have children. That at the graduation ceremony in the Red Room, she's sterilized so that it's "one less thing to worry about - the one thing that might matter more than a mission." I find it pretty difficult to believe that with all of the advanced science which the UNSC appears to have in this series, that they wouldn't have done the same for all Spartans. I mean, it's not like a new concept in human history that sex has made people do crazy things... I have no idea if there's any mention of sterilization in any of the previously-written Halo materials, but I feel like this plot point in this episode is truly the ultimate in shark jumping for story writing. For whom did the writers create this? The Halo fanbase has already revolted against this series (at least from what I've seen online), so to whom are they trying to appeal now?

  2. 9 hours ago, M'Kyuun said:

    The only good Scourge figure ever released, IMHO. He actually has a realistic alt mode, inspired by Boeing's beautiful X-48 UAV, and as such, it's one of the best aircraft alt modes Has/Tak has ever done for its believability and lack of kibble. While it certainly takes some liberties with bot mode, ultimately, I think they hued pretty close his original look. I love this figure. As a bonus, his weapons all tuck away neatly inside his wings, his plane mode has retractable gear, and his articulation is on par with Legacy, i.e. ankle tilts, waist swivel, and rotating wrists as well as the standard articulation we've been getting for years. I vehemently wish this had been G1 Scourge's original design, but I'm so incredibly happy we got this fig as an alternative. This represents everything that Transformers should be- believable alt mode, integrated weapons storage, excellent articulation, some functionality in alt mode where apropos, integrated transformation where the bot's bits become the vehicle (as opposed to shellforming or wearing the alt mode as a backpack). It's an example par excellence of how every TF with an aircraft alt mode should be designed, without exception, ad infinitum. (Thinking especially of all the egregiously terrible Silverbolts out there who essentially become a giant box with a plane attached to the top, and a bot with a plane on his back instead of integrating the two properly. I know it's faithful to the toon, but the tech and know-how exist to do it better, and we as fans should expect better. I do).



    Agreed 100%. I still absolutely adore that Scourge. Its alt mode is just so elegant.

  3. Check out these frames from Dynamite 7. I get that the in-action art doesn't always match the lineart, but we can clearly see here that the head laser doesn't extend into the booster.





    (But, uh... y'know what? I don't even care. In this case, I'm still just so utterly thrilled that a Star Mirage is on the way that I'm willing to let it ride. Who knows? Maybe Arcadia will see this and fix it before release?)

    vf5000 laser 2.jpg

    vf5000 laser.jpg

  4. Still wildly excited about this. Up until now, I never noticed before that the head laser tucks up into the booster while in fighter mode. Such a curious design choice by Kawamori.

  5. Having not read anything in the comics since I was about, oh, I dunno, 8 or so, I was curious to learn more about Krrsantan since someone told me that he's a significant character there. I'm really hoping that there was some reasonable explanation as to why he didn't just kill a completely defenseless bacta tank-napping Boba. I don't mean incompetence is a reasonable explanation, nor would I consider Wookiee "honor" anything other than a cop-out explanation. (He's a Wookiee, not a Klingon.) I mean, if the Hutts really hired Krrsantan to kill Boba... well, what were the conditions/terms (e.g. proof of the kill)? And why didn't he just shoot Boba right in the tank? Or did the Hutts maybe want him alive for some unknown reason? I feel like I'm missing something here. I did only get to watch the episode once and my kids were doing their best to divert my attention...

  6. Could someone please clear something up for me? I haven't read the book in about 4 years, but I'm struggling to remember if something on-screen happened in the book or if it was just a scene invented for screen. Did the Reverend Mother Helen Gaius Mohaim actually meet face-to-face with Baron Harkonnen and instruct him to not kill Paul and Jessica...? I could swear that this never happened, what with their... peculiar... relationship with each other. Maybe my addled brain has just forgotten.

  7. On 6/20/2021 at 3:52 AM, BroTaku79 said:

    This is a QC issue with these as my miriya came broken just like yours.  I superglued mine and its fine.  I can always just recast this part but superglue worked good for me.


    Huh. What's your asking price for a recast of this? Because of the stiffness with how it broke, I have very little confidence that a super glue job would suit this if I ever attempt to open/close the gear doors again. Let me know.

  8. On 5/28/2021 at 2:39 PM, nightmareB4macross said:

    Surprised this broke so easily.

    I am still on the fence about buying these. They look great and these KOs have nice shelf presence.

    Can you share pictures of the break?

    You betcha. Snapped clean off. I have felt like this particular Valkyrie has required a bit more force to transform than I usually apply. Some of the joints were VERY tight - especially the chestplate separation into battroid mode. It's pretty unlikely I can repair this landing gear door since it's supposed to be a moving part. There's a big part of me which just feels like I have learned a lesson and will wait to see if Bandai will do a proper DX VF-1J Max.

    broken gear door 2.jpg

    broken gear door.jpg

  9. On 1/22/2021 at 1:35 PM, Jasonc said:

    I have an extra right leg, but it was broken at the ankle (rivets broke). That said, I was able to fix it, and have been able to make it quite strong again using strong epoxy and sinking the epoxy into the rivet holes. It does work fine now, so I may be willing to sell it. I just don't know how much. I was kinda keeping it as a backup.

    Huh. Do you have any photographs of this? I wonder if it'd be possible to transplant parts into an existing bad leg in order to make one good leg?

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