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  1. beggars can't be choosers. Let me know!
  2. please help me find a nose for my valk.
  3. Looking for a nose cone. Any one have one they want to part with?
  4. I'm looking for a white nose cone for a 1/48 valk. If you have one, please PM me. thanks.
  5. I need some help estimating the price of a nose cone piece. Here's some BG info: I recent won an ebay auction (I know, I know..) on a valk. Everything went fairly smoothly until I received the item. When I did, I noticed that the nose cone was missing. The seller who told me he had found the missing piece and had already mailed it out, which was about 3 weeks ago now. As you can guess, I still haven't received the missing piece yet, so I have to two options: 1.) to mail it back for a refund or 2.) ask for a partial refund to cover the missing nose cone. So to help me determine which action I should take, I need your help in "estimating" the price of a nose cone. Any help would be great! BTW, I'd just like to point out that the seller has been very good throughout the process, and I don't get the feeling that he's trying to screw me over, so please refrain from flaming/bashing/negative comments towards the seller...or me for that matter...lol. Also, if you have a nose cone piece available that's for sale, please contact me as I'd be very interested in taking that piece off your hands.
  6. looking for a ghost for my vf-0a. Loose or boxed, it doesn't matter. PM me if you have one for sale!
  7. Hey guys, does anyone know a good spray can paint match for the factory 1/48 valk white? I have a recast part that I need to paint, and was hoping someone here would have experience with this. Unfortunately, I do not have an airbrush, so I can't mix my own paint, which would be much easier, I know. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. found one. thanks.
  9. I guess it's expected when you go to a store that's literally run by little kids. I don't know how many times I've come out of the store wanting to kick a fieldgoal with their head. I've actually stopped going there, and rather buy online than buy from them. Mechahawaii is a great store though. You should try and check it out if/when you have a chance. Collectors maniac (one block away from TNJ's) is also another store you can checkout, but their selection and service isn't as good as mechahawaii.
  10. I also live in Hawaii, and I have to agree with Yoshi Sunshine. They give you the run around, overcharge you, and just generally have bad customer service. I went to their physical store looking for a few figs. to find out that they didn't have them in stock. They told me it was at their off site warehouse, which they visit once a week, so I placed an order. One week goes by and no call, then two, then three. I finally call and they said they haven't been to their warehouse yet, but the guy helping me told me that they did have 1 of the items I was looking for. WTF?! So I go to pickup the item which was in stock, and they charge me $10.00 MORE than what they have it listed for on their website! When I ask why it's more expensive, all the guy said was "it's the same when you include shipping." Wow....I was speechless. I couldn't believe that's how they treated their local customers. Their service and prices were competitive back in the day (before online shopping), but they've definitely gone downhill. I'm never shopping there again.
  11. It really is a nice fig. Very well detailed! especially the face. Thanks for the help!
  12. who's that girl that looks like rei kneeling on the far left in the 1st pic? that fig. looks soo familiar for some reason. BTW, nice collection!
  13. no prob. figured I take a shot at asking just in case. thanks for the reply, though.
  14. You wouldn't happen to want to sell the 1s head by itself, would you? I've been looking for a 1s head for awhile now.
  15. yeah, you won't hear me complaining...lol. Thanks for the help!
  16. 808 is the zip for hawaii.
  17. sell me your head! lol...
  18. I've seen nightmareB4macross post about recast parts. Unfortunately for me, it looks like he's stopped making them for the time being.
  19. anyone? pretty please? lol...
  20. Anyone have a spare they want to sell? Recast, or original, it doesn't matter as long as nothing's broken, and it's not painted. I want to convert my 1a into a 1s. If you have one, please PM me. Thanks!
  21. Glad to see that those 1/55's are being appreciated! BTW, where's the 1/48 max?
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