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  1. Try https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/?lang=en for used ones
  2. lol you guys!!! been busy I see
  3. wow not been here for a while good to be back
  4. ohhh the episode !! the one and only 27th dam
  5. thank you for my decals @Anasazi37
  6. what episode is that
  7. never had any issues with them. let me know when you cancel so i can take your spot lol
  8. anyone purchased from them before?
  9. gutted i missed the pre order. https://mykombini.com/en/july-2021/21403-dx-chogokin-macross-vf-1d-valkyrie-and-fan-racer-bandai-limited.html?search_query=macross&results=123 looks like ebay for me now
  10. luna park any good ?
  11. mine buys shoes!!! wanted to give me the guilt trip of spending to much in toys and then i said well i can sell mine and get my money back can you do that with your shoes? lol WW3 that was
  12. think i want to call my self a collector but in reality im a hoarder and collect many many toys lol .. but yep the macross saga from a galaxy far far away
  13. the collection grows !!! please some one help me this is to addictive lol
  14. yes!! super parts are are shipping on the 19th from mykombini!!! really happy with their service cant wait. fingers crossed they wont take ages due to Christmas post madness Fedex 0.795 kg 2 650 ¥
  15. lol yep i knew this was coming .. love the banter matey
  16. oh NNG got to love their customer service
  17. I watched many of his videos and then he involved his GF/Wife not sur eand i was like ... wait a second is this the right you tube channel??? whats this then he jumped in and told her that was his rodeo!! laughed so hard
  18. never mind just seen he is thats awesome. love his videos
  19. do you know if he is a member in this forum?
  20. Glad you did get yours mate. hoping everyone else will get theirs too at some point.
  21. one of the lucky ones that got it from amiami then :P lucky you lol
  22. where can i get me some of those ?
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