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  1. My posts are all kinda about my problems building these third party kits now Might as well add another one. I’m having trouble assembling the Jiang Gao Sazabi. Specifically the torso and the hips. The peg and the slot are both diecast so it’s super tight and I can’t connect them in fear of forcing a plastic to break while doing so. Can I lubricate them or something to make it easier to connect? What should I do in these types of metal to metal connection?
  2. Thanks for letting me know it’s removable. Gives me hope I can put that thing on a stand and pose him well.
  3. Anybody here built a Wuming or MC freedom? I can’t seem to find the port for the stand. Also I have troubles plugging in the MC back skirt its driving me nuts. edit: managed to plug in the back skirt. Only problem I have with it is the slot for the stand which I can’t find. Had problems with the MC Destiny as well. Mostly the side skirt which was tight. I still can’t plug in the weapon rack though. Those things are tight and the wings are getting in the way. edit2: well crap. I think I found out why I can’t find the slot for the stand. It seems they molded over the stand slot itself. That blue square part that juts out below the backpack should be where the peg hole for the stand is supposed to be. I’m so disappointed over this.
  4. Well just got notified my MC Destiny and MC Freedom will be coming in a few days. Actually decided to compare WuMing and MC Freedom. I find that MC generally looked better for me but I really prefer WuMing’s take on the extending Balaena cannons. It doesn’t actually extend but more like open up while MC still retains the original bandai extension instead of following the Infinite Dimension extension. Freedom Concept 2 basically does the same and I like both of them for not diverging too much from the source material. As for the MC Destiny, the only thing that I’m worried about is the paint job. I’m looking at my Bandai Destiny Heine and its paint kinda sparkles a bit and I really like that. I’m hoping it would be the same for the MC version.
  5. Hmmmm...... Do I buy Metal Kingdom Strike or the Bandai one? I kinda want to go Bandai but I really want to know if the other packs are compatible with MK Strike before I make my decision. The bandai version stands for the Sword and Launcher pack look great. Also hoping for MK to release a Perfect Strike version.
  6. Not a gundam but just want to update my previous post about the CCS Gurren Lagann.
  7. The Yellow Dragon looks great but I can’t help but be disappointed by the color used. I was hoping more gold or bright yellow. It looks like mustard yellow in this video. Maybe it will look better irl. https://youtu.be/ok7LqofeUmQ
  8. My PO for that blue Destiny was also cancelled. I didn’t know it came with the Wings of Light though. That’s a damn shame cause Bandai WoL is expensive.
  9. Thanks for the info about the stand guys. Appreciate it. Preview on Yellow Dragon Motor Nuclear. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4508918202957838/4508920931405303?fbclid=IwAR3fjdR552Wx_zdBUs3YU1Te3oqZHC71QlfLzxrjoNxCaI8hFtOH-xXe5Ro
  10. Can you use a standard Metal Build stand on the Jiang Gao Sazabi? Does it even have a port for stands? I realize that it’s a copy of the Infinite Dimension Sazabi which is based on the official Ver. Ka from Bandai but I just want to make sure it fits and a stand could actually support its weight considering how big it is.
  11. Don’t have one but I saw someone review it in youtube and it fits. Or rather he tried the MC wings for Heine and it fit the bandai one. https://youtu.be/VNMTQrNP7mc
  12. About that recent metal build Sazabi, the name is different but I heard it was still made by Metal Club? I’ve recently come across someone selling one so I might bite it if it really is Metal Club considering the news.
  13. It seems Metal Club/Metal Gear got arrested. https://video.weibo.com/show?fid=1034:4497970444566550
  14. Well, I got nothing else to do due to the lockdown in my place so I finally decided to assemble this thing. Holy crap you weren’t kidding about how tight the peg and the port is. crap even the stand was tight when I tried disassembling it since I didn’t want to continue building the thing. Any tips on loosening rubber to metal joint in these figures for assembly without compromising the tightness when completely built? I’m too scared to break it since I won’t be able to get replacements due to the situation.
  15. Their previous release, the Dragon King Barbatos, had better packaging but I always felt the figure itself didn’t have the same quality as it’s contemporaries but even that was much better quality wise.
  16. Wouldn’t a metal ratchet joint do the same thing? Forgive my ignorance cause I’m not familiar with how a tension adjustable joint works or what it consists of. Also good luck in your endeavors. I wish I had the skills to do the same. I had seen a single person design and even mass produce a transformers figure and it made me wish I could do the same engineering wise. Though it wasn’t without major flaws it still shows the potential one man could do by himself. I think it was Bold Forms Gladius Megatron.
  17. Oh wow. All metal armor sounds awesome in paper but if that is what happens that’s just a disappointment waiting to happen. Based on their work with hardcore mecha, I think it’s safe to say it will only have metal inner frame or at least parts of it and plastic on the outer armor. Their previous work was very Metal Build-esque.
  18. Sentinel is pure plastic though. This will have die-cast metal which would make it feel much better in hand though it will probably limit articulation just like every die-cast figure. I’d buy it just for the bigger drill and more tiny drills in his body honestly. Hopefully this figure will also be much larger than Sentinel’s which I felt was pretty small. Also I’m not quite sure if this will be a KO cause I see some crediting to Gainax and Konami. You can also see the actual size of the figure 22cm or 8 and a half inches.
  19. I think so. Most list its size in the 15-18 meter so in 1/100 that’ll be around 7-8 inches. Same size as an MB gundam. though I did find one youtube video listing it as 5m which is kinda bullshit when you think about it.
  20. It ain’t a gundam but gonna be getting my hands on this CCS Toys will be making this. Same people who did Hardcore Thunderbolt Mecha which is fine quality wise based on Kuma’s review.
  21. It’s a common translation error in Chinese to English. Early chinese guns looked like an overly long rifles and since there was no word for a gun then and it looked like a spear they just called the gun a spear. Long story short, spear and gun have the same characters in Chinese so they get switched around often. I really only noticed this and researched it cause I read a couple of Chinese novels that always mistranslates gun as spear and vice versa in English.
  22. Thanks lol. Maybe instead of calling us weird I’d just call it unique Thanks for the review. Most of the complaints I’ve seen online are about his redesigned shoulders and head which is understandable if you’re buying it for its connection to Mashin Hero Wataru which this figure is based on along with Barbatos Gundam. While I understand the shoulder changes is because of the unnecessary additional claws in the bird mode along with the pheonix motif instead of a wolf/dragon, I really don’t get the head change. Although when I looked at the box/manual it does mention that they’ve copyrighted the design so maybe Motor Nuclear is making their own original line of toys. Anyways, Samueldecal posted a picture of this figure with the head and shoulders of the Metal Myth Dragon King Barbatos which looked very similar to the original Motor Nuclear Q02 design. Personally, I think the new shoulders look great. I just can’t say the same about the head. The previous designs for comparison.
  23. Nice. I would love it if you can share your thoughts on it. I actually have mine on hand as well but it’s still sealed. I wanna wait till I get the orange one before I open them both. Yes, I am weird for waiting.
  24. MN-Q02 (White Pheonix) finally arrived to the store where I preordered. Really excited about it but I also kinda wonder when MN-Q01(Yellow Dragon) will arrive. They were announced at the same time yet there’s been no news of it aside from old pics back in October. I kinda worry that they will change some stuff on it like they did on the white one. At the very least include the original head as an alternate head sculpture.
  25. I guess shipping might be delayed more. Samueldecal just posted that they won’t be able to do shipping until Feb 2 due to the new year while ShowZ said it won’t be available from the 18 to Feb 3. I guess there’s your reason for the delays.
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