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  1. Hi I was wondering if Megazone 23 Part 1 can be watched as a standalone ova. That is does it end in a way that Part 1 could be the only part (even if it has loose ends or a cliffhanger). Is it necessary to watch part 2? I have heard part 3 is not very good and the animation style differing from part 1 and part 2 is pretty drastic from what I can see in pictures. I like the way Part 1 looks, not so much Part 2. So is mz23 Part 1 a good standalone ova or is part 2 necessary? And is it better to watch Japanese w/ eng sub or ADV dub?
  2. Hi Does anyone know where to find this picture as a poster or art print?
  3. "A Fortress Exceeding Time and Space: Macross" how fitting of a name... much more beautiful and nostalgic than SDF... wonderful collectibles
  4. i watch most old animes on a newer widescreen TV but most of the dvds I have play it in 4:3 with no stretching (i think). It just puts the black pillar bars on the sides. I have noticed on tv when a older movie is played they put the black pillar bars as well. i no longer have an older tv as well, i am a bit bummed about that... sometimes new technology doesnt equate to "better" sadly most of the whole does not think that way.. i even prefer when movies were shot with traditional film lenses, i think movies shot with digital lenses today just dont have that cinematic quality to them anymore, it just doesn't look the same
  5. i wouldnt consider watching it on bluray because the colors have been altered and digitally colored over thus basically erasing the whole 80s hand drawn/colored feel. I am not a fan when any anime or movie gets digitally remastered it is complete garbage imo... i dont even know where the trend came about or why it is even popular when it looks horrible every time... as for the vcd being low res that is fine.. the movie has a certain softness to it due to the time period it was made in, so watching it on vhs or vcd or even laserdisc shouldnt matter and might actually look the best although i havent gotten around to watching the vcd yet.. i prefer 80s and 90s anime due to the softness and how easy it is on the eyes...i dont know how people can watch the higher resolution animes that are out nowadays, also it being totally done digitally makes it look even worse imo.. i would venture as far as calling it digital animation (that happens to be from japan) and not truly anime.. to me anime is a bit of a lost art and has been for quite some time which made it very exciting to stumble upon DYRL...
  6. Hi I am new here and also to macross/DYRL. I discovered it somehow while searching for older anime as I have always loved 80s and 90s anime since I was younger, I am surprised I had not learned of it after all these decades, but I am in USA so it is understandable. I had however always known about robotech but never watched it and never knew it was related to macross. Anways, I am excited to watch DYRL, but I want to find a good version to watch for my first time so it is special. Being new to it I have (unfortunately) acquired what appears to be 2 bootleg DVDs of the Perfect Edition, one from S. Korea and one from Spain w eng subtitles. I have heard afterward in my research that the DVD perfect editions are plagued with interlacing among other things. Is it really that bad? Fortunately, I have been able to track down and order what seems to be my first legitimate copy which is a VCD here: https://www.yesasia.com/global/macross-the-movie-do-you-remember-love-vcd-hong-kong-version/7179-0-0-0-en/info.html My Questions are: is this VCD edited (ie I have heard about the shower scene and some head decapitation being edited in some VCDs and also 2012 Bluray release). It says this VCD is from 2010, does anyone know if it is edited or uncut? I am aware of the new bluray 2016 but do not have a bluray player and would consider this option as a last resort. Hoping for some input from people who know alot and have been around awhile.
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