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  1. Yes, we understand. Ask me how I got banned from HLJ. You may win a battle and lose the war. I still need a 1/48 dx max. Keep missing at mandrake.
  2. 2 from AE that already arrived and 2 from the April batch already paid except shipping via From Japan. After the NY fiasco I wasn’t taking any chances.
  3. So is Luna park the only option left besides waiting for release or eBay?
  4. From Japan refunded me
  5. Check your junk mail or log in and check the status. Most of us found the email from them in junk.
  6. I just put in a request and payment for one with from Japan. You guys w 4 or 6 on order are ballers as usual.
  7. Huh the super packs were due on the 28th...epic mail day and possible festivus miracle.
  8. Just paid for shipping for my second set at AE so they do seem to be filling spring orders now.
  9. I just got an in stock alert for my 2nd super pack that was supposed to be for the spring. They were so efficient though my other one already shipped via DHL.
  10. I just wanted in on the page of the beast. I have one preorder of dec packs but I haven’t heard from them yet about shipping. edit: found it in my junk Mail from Sunday! edit 2: all in $145 including shipping I could probably save if I waited for the next batch to ship them together but I’m impatient to get my dude all geared up.
  11. My Amazon order shipped as well...wish the super parts shipped closer to the release.
  12. I think okiniland is just going up and down. I have ordered a second...you guys are bad influences.
  13. At least this is easier to get than a ps5!
  14. Went out of stock already...I just did the Amazon one.
  15. I made preorder at anime export and discovered I have one for the first run as well...forgot about it. I had canceled my preorder with the store that shall not be named. Still on the lookout for a deal on the jet
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