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    Macross figures

    Gasp! There’s a statuette of Sheryl in her date outfit? Something that isn’t creepy underwear flashing?
  2. I think it's a combination of Macross being more niche than Transformers, so there isn't as big a market for it, and the DX VFs having a ton of tiny little unnecessarily complicated parts. There's a listing at a store for a KO of the DX VF-31J that's been in preorder for a couple years now. The price they list at is a little less than you find the legit figures on the secondary market. But that figure has thin pieces, little pieces that fold and rotate, tiny clips, a bunch of stuff where the tolerance needs to be right or the whole thing will flop and wobble or it won't compress right and hold together. And all the painted details. If a KO company is going to make one and put in enough QC to make sure it all comes together and works (because if it was a floppy mess no one would pay $150+ for one), they might as well just be Bandai. As far as getting MP TFs that aren't knockoffs - yeah, if you miss the normal availability window and you're trying to find something on ebay, it's a crapshoot.
  3. I had the delta movie on in the background the other day and forgot Chuck was piloting the 31E with an armor set on it at the end. Maybe they’ll do another extremely limited slightly modified set of those to fit on the 31E.
  4. I wonder why they went to the trouble of explaining all of that backstory for how Isamu’s voice wound up making a 3-second cameo in the Frontier movie. ”Isamu got an early retirement after the UN government sorted out the Sharon Apple mess and now he works for SMS” would have been a much simpler explanation.
  5. Well guys, however you want to justify it, to me it’s $250 for a 6 inch toy. A couple of extra features making a small toy even more delicate and likely to break does not, to me, translate to “worth more than a huge VF-1 toy.” like I said though, I’m looking forward to pictures.
  6. Geez. Same height as the ride armors and even more expensive. Half the size of a DX VF-1 but more expensive. I’m interested but I think I’ll have to pass. I will enjoy all of your pictures though!
  7. any side-by-sides with other figures yet?
  8. @sidearmsalpha the short version of the answer to your question is - yes, it has been a common point of conversation in this thread for several months now, and there has been no apparent rhyme or reason as to who gets shipping notifications and when.
  9. I always thought those "animation errors" were just instances of shading and the colors getting lost in it? Like even in the iconic scene of him shooting bodolzaa in the head, there's a reddish, brownish tint to scenes where it appears black. But yeah, whichever you want is "accurate."
  10. The whole ssp situation is hilariously terrible. For a little more than retail you can get them on the secondary market, new, whereas sets preordered over a year ago haven’t shipped. makes me question the whole PO madness thing. Paying a slight markup to actually get it vs having a few hundred bucks or more that you can’t get refunded and have no idea when you’ll actually get the product you purchased?
  11. I think the Caliburn was a special 19 from The Ride?
  12. Hope the release does well and they make more. I ended up selling my yellow ride armor - it had a slight stress mark on it but the buyer was aware, I just didn’t want to be sitting on a figure that could potentially break easily. Hoping that the Houquet version doesn’t have the same problem. if the legioss is solid I might be in for a green or red one.
  13. I have actually considered that, but I have a hard time buying a transforming toy that I'm never going to transform. I actually really like the 262's design, all three modes, but I'm still not sold on it. .... I bet it'd look really good next to my 31F though....
  14. I just ordered a set of the 31F lil drakens from Mandarake over the weekend. I know you said you’re looking for a seller in the US but shipping (DHL) was only 2080 yen. I had a book in with it too. That was from Nakano - Sahra usually has set amounts for shipping but if you order from one of the actual storefronts it is sometimes cheaper. anyways, about 8k yen shipped from them and I should have them Friday. Might be worth checking out if you can’t find a US seller.
  15. I’d be up for a tweaked version for the 262ba in different color schemes. I keep looking at Keith’s but every time I get tempted I watch the transformation video and I’m like... nope.
  16. jeniusornome

    Macross figures

    Well, one is poseable and the other is a statue, so... not really comparing the same thing there.
  17. I got an email from Okini land recently about orders and shipping. They were offering the “hold indefinitely” or “ship ferry” or “ship DHL” options. having recently had a new item shipped via ferry without my knowledge, and it arriving in... unpleasant, odd smelling shape, I asked them to just upgrade to DHL. that said, in their email, they said they were hoping for normal post service to resume by late August. I don’t think that’s based on any solid info, but there’s a Japanese opinion on it from a Japanese source, which to me is probably a little better than random speculation from someone outside of japan. take it with a grain of salt, obviously, but if you’re really wanting stuff right now and not, you know, October or so when this all starts up again, I say pay the upgraded shipping fee and roll with it.
  18. Totally agree. Every time I look at the VF-4, I think, this is seriously the space jet I drew when I was a kid. I know it took some inspiration from the YF-12 / SR-71, but even those looked like they belonged in space. It's a shame we haven't gotten to see it in a starring role in an anime yet.
  19. I love this so much. You even put the cardboard down.
  20. It actually depends entirely on the licensing deal. movie studios agreements sometimes involve rights to a property for X years, sometimes with a clause for “abandonment” which is to say if they don’t do anything with it in a period of X years, movie rights default back to whoever. they are not always like that, though it’s very common now. Doesn’t mean this licensing deal was anything like it though.
  21. I got an email from Okini land recently about order status and shipping methods, and they said while there is no official schedule posted, they are hoping for late August that normal international services resume. (they are also offering the option to hold items in their warehouse until shipping opens up again, or upgrade to DHL).
  22. I mean, anime magic and all, but I don’t see how reading a wavelength of light and calling it a certain color would be too far out for a transforming plane built with alien technology and a telepathic control interface.
  23. Yes, there are tornado parts for the V1. the V2 “renewal” tornado parts boxes look like these: https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1137911059&ref=list&keyword=Dx tornado&lang=en https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1130457041&ref=list&keyword=Dx tornado&lang=en
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