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  1. Weekend Bump. Also the VF-2SS has been sold and shipped!
  2. I just got the VF-1J this week and I am in love! It feels so hefty and sturdy, like the huge toy planes I had when I was a kid. Definitely glad Max is on the way soon. Just need a Kakizaki!
  3. Hey all, I'm looking to offload the following figures: HMR VF-1D -$70 (SOLD) HMR VF-1A DYRL Hikaru - $130 (SOLD) HMR VE-1 Elintseeker plus Tamashii Stand -$110 (SOLD) HMR VF-2SS Nexx Gilbert Type with SAP -$115 (SOLD) All of them have right joints and are in good condition. The VF-1A has a slight tampo defect on the gunpod (Y In Spacy is slightly mussed). All prices include shipping to the contiguous US.
  4. PteranodonMom

    Hi-Metal R

    Yup I've got the DX Max on pre-order and I'm watching several VF-1s on eBay as of now. I respect your decision to stay with the HMR line. At the end of the day, you should collect whichever line suits your tastes and makes you happy. For some, it's the 1/48 scale valks, others the 1/60s, the HMRs, or even all three. That second pic is the kind of collection I'm trying to build. I'd love to fill several glass display case shelves with them!
  5. PteranodonMom

    Hi-Metal R

    What originally drew me into Macross collecting was seeing 1/60 V2 Yamato VF-1s on multiple review boards I was part of. Personally, I prefer my Valkyries bigger since they're easier to handle for me. Given the choice of having three HMRs or one DX Chogokin or Arcadia/Yamato I'd side with the latter based on shelf presence and finish. I definitely can see why the HMR line is attractive (cost, variety), and why I was attracted to it (broke college student who couldn't afford a larger Valk), but as of now I'd rather hunt for more 1/60-1/48 Valks.
  6. PteranodonMom

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks for the offer but this has soured me on HMR as a whole. I'll be selling my DYRL Hikaru 1A, VF-2SS Nexx Gilbert, VE-1 Elintseeker, and my VF-1D (when it gets here), so if anyone is interested in any of those let me know.
  7. PteranodonMom

    Hi-Metal R

    Yeah no I literally did it exactly how the instructions show and it broke. Seems like poor design on that part. This really makes me want to just sell the few HMR pieces I have and focus on the bigger valks.
  8. PteranodonMom

    Hi-Metal R

    Not the best photo but the thinner piece of it is where it snapped. I really have no idea what to do given the VF-4 is going for $150-160 on the secondary market now... I could just keep it but after this happening I'd probably never want to touch it or really look at it.
  9. PteranodonMom

    Hi-Metal R

    Great, I broke my VF-4 trying to transform it from Gerwalk to battroid mode. The heat shield snapped in two when I was putting pressure on the nose to swing down. What do all of y'all do when you end up breaking a figure?
  10. Almost all the ones you can find on ebay are $415+ with free shipping. I also ended up cracking and getting Max's 1A off of NY. At least I have it secured now. Can't wait for it to get here!!
  11. Here's the link for the coupons: https://global.rakuten.com/en/event/coupon/ However they did cancel my pre-order just a few hours ago, claiming it wasn't something they could ship outside of Japan due to it being a reserved, boxed item.
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