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  1. Thaaaaaank you. I know that it was brought up back in January but I never saw any follow up. I appreciate you answering me. One day I shall own the elusive DX VF-1J but today is not that day.
  2. Has anyone used JPfigures.com to buy a DX VF?
  3. mapendieck

    Hi-Metal R

    it eliminates any potential spoilers. but i'll stay on topic.
  4. mapendieck

    Hi-Metal R

    google thanos click the glove ya welcome
  5. mapendieck

    Hi-Metal R

    posted my yellowing HMR Hikaru 1J in the for sale section if anyone is interested.
  6. Starting to yellow. 100% complete. Box has damage but the art is not (box flap ripped). Asking $60. Ship to US only. Shipping likely between $8-$10
  7. mapendieck

    Hi-Metal R

    finally decided to upgrade my original 2010 Hikaru 1j with the “R”. My original is kissed by the yellowing plastic disorder. Going to post it for sale in the for sale section here before offering it up on the e-bay.
  8. This...all of it.
  9. worst first time EVER!!!!
  10. thank you. this is a pretty cool experience and i am glad we are all able to share the stressjoyrelief together.
  11. i shall learn from your experience then, thank you.
  12. what'd they do that makes them suspect?
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