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  1. Uh oh...jeez so we have to be worried about that happening? This was my first Macross PO. It. Was. Crazy. I'm glad I secured one from NY, but couldn't do another all-nighter to grab a 2nd.
  2. @no3Ljm I secured a Max through NY last night in USD using PayPal Credit. A credit line and no interest financing for 6 months.
  3. NY was definitely strange. I was able to confirm an order there. But luck and timing was it. Seems like you had to be live and active at the time of posting. Like @Shizuka the Cat said, clicking in the site kept me alive and then I kept searching while seeing them post iterations of the product page till pre-order opened. Once it opened I sped through the order process. But once I submitted payment (I pre-paid) it spit me back in the waiting line for 10 min. During that wait, I got a notification in email of payment processed from PayPal, confirmation email from NY, and finally after the waiting queue it spit me to a confirmation on the site. Super weird experience.
  4. With great power comes great responsibility? I hear ya, just frustrating to see scalpers pull that bs. Would be cool to fight fire with fire if possible.
  5. Anyone here know how to write a competing Bot for the next pre-order madness? MW's can unite and pool resources to help the fam? If I can score an extra at some point, I'd be glad to help anyone here. Paying it forward and supporting the (proto)culture here is what makes this community cool.
  6. Whelp....payment processed but not sure if the PO actually hit?
  7. So damn close. Payment pages for bot CDJ and HLJ...then jacked.
  8. No product page yet for NY, right? I was #26 and now I'm just chilling on the search page.
  9. I find keeping it simple to be a bit better because sometimes leading with "DX" doesn't quite work. Practice searching the different sites for the VF-1J to get a feel for what pops, but I find "Chogokin" registers better and sometimes with "VF-1A" (though not too many sites are live for that. I'm no "pro" though. Any other's have advice?
  10. I think I gave them about 4 or 5 business days if I remember correctly? I paid for EMS so expected it sooner :shrugs: Just wasn't impressed.
  11. I recently ordered the VF-1J and they never updated shipping. Thankfully, I used PayPal and got them involved. Nin-nin cancelled my order and refunded rather than fulfilled order.
  12. This preorder has me thinking about the Hikaru again. Anyone from Singapore here? Know of any stores that have the DX VF-1J in-store? I have family there that could purchase it locally.
  13. No, but it would seem you stumbled on the JAN: 4573102567222 For example, DX VF-1J is 4573102551382
  14. I'm just incredibly lucky that I purchased a couple from @spanner in his going away, "everything must go," party. I would still love one fresh out of the box so you would think that Bandai would re-release considering the initial release was positioned as "First Press Limited Edition." But, yeah...
  15. That was a much nicer version of this or some variant of it: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Convert+4%3A00+pm+JST+to+PDT
  16. Sage advice. Plus, at 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM (depending on where you reside) it'll be too late/early to think straight. Just click, click, approve, click, hold your breath until a confirmation page pulls up.
  17. Anyone else notice how they show the whole squad in one snapshot on Max’s promo? Would make sense if Kakizaki we’re next.
  18. Get your game face on people...
  19. Thanks. Took the advice and ordered on NY!
  20. So, I’m a little late for ordering the Missile Set. Looks like Nin-Nin-Game and Nippon-Yasan have them up for pre-order still. Either one reliable? Both are pay upfront and I know there are a lot of sources that don’t have quantity for the pre-order and just hunt for it after release.
  21. That's good to know as well. I don't own any Yammies yet so part of me just wonders if I should ride out the DX train with Bandai a bit. Seems like a good time to do that, and as long as I can fight the good PO fight, it makes sense. The question is: Will they release DYRL?
  22. I just picked a couple up that had only been transformed once from a user here. So they're basically new. Just arrived this afternoon and now I understand why reviews are so high for this. Just curious since there is always something exciting about opening brand new. The VF-1A announcement is definitely awesome. I might have to start collecting these in DX.
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