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  1. My impatience waiting for the reissue got the best of me!
  2. HLJ's latest batch from a couple months ago did not have the QA issues the original release had (several members including myself confirmed with them).
  3. Shout out to @funkymonkeyjavajunky for providing me an excellent valk with excellent service!
  4. Shout out to @ScrambledValkyrie. Communication, packaging, shipping, and item all fantastic!
  5. Shout out to @jeniusornome . Communication, packaging, shipping, and item all fantastic!
  6. Had a great transaction with @Vifam7. Recommended seller in my book!
  7. Had a great transaction with @spacemanoeuvres . Highly recommended seller!
  8. I was one of the last, if not the last order placed for Stike Parts @ AE before they were closed and before the April batch being announced. I just emailed them the status of my order and here was the response: Sadly I'm stuck paying scalper prices this Christmas


    Looking for an ARCADIA VF-1S Hikaru Ichijo without the SSP pack. PM me if you have one for sale thanks!
  10. RIBFIR


    Hey guys, looking for a decently priced set of DX VF-1 Super Strike Parts for my VF-1S . (Prefer to stay away from ebay and YJA). PM me if you have one for sale ty!
  11. Nothing from AE or NY yet for me.
  12. I was fortunate to get a vf-1s order in with HLJ during release and was super excited when it arrived. Upon pulling the legs down to transform into gerwalk, the right arm fell off! Closer inspection showed a piece of the plastic tab that connects the arm to the metal slider was still in the clam shell. Suffice to say, I wept that evening...
  13. Wow, a fellow macross junkie just down the street. That's pretty cool!
  14. ^^ yes I agree with this.
  15. @sqidd, NY still hasn't shipped my VF-1s (# 706XXX) . I purchased at the hiked up price of 28k. Probably won't do that again, lesson learned!
  16. A big think you to @Skull One for getting me a valk I've been after for awhile. Communication, product, packaging, and shipping speed all high marks, thanks man!!!
  17. Props to @sqidd for delivering my sdf-1. Communication, packaging, shipping all top notch!!!
  18. Just got an order in at HLJ !
  19. That's quite the haul! They were all fantastic deals for sure.
  20. The surprise restock also threw a wrench in my plans. Now you have to ask yourself, what happens if their upcoming black friday sale has steep discounts on macross products you've held off on until this point! (arcadia products being my case)
  21. RIBFIR


    Hey @Skull One , found this guy a few months ago. Sorry for not updating and thanks for checking in!
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