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  1. Do you know if they make the backpack hinge (BP-8) for the 1/48 i couldn’t find it. But i didn’t find that shoulder joint either.
  2. wondering the same. anywhere we can get these parts anymore
  3. Gotcha. My fault I just figured since it was the toy forum and the other threads were so old.
  4. Anyone have any idea who may sell this Hinge joint for the backpack or who I can get a 3d print file for it. Willing to pay of course. I know its been years but someone must have some info.
  5. No I got my order a week ago no added charge. Wonder why
  6. Looks like they added metal and small magnets
  7. Finally Got mine in.
  8. Have you opened a ticket with them. When i did that my order status changed to shipped. It will be here today.
  9. Mine finally went into order preparation From NY so I'm trying to be as patient as Possible
  10. IF you really want one they Have them in stock here......I ordered one a few days ago has some inflation but what can you do https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/25676-super-dimensional-fortress-macross-dx-chogokin-vf-1j-valkyrie-ichijo-hikaru-custom.html
  11. Damn I was too late....
  12. MSG sent ill take it
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