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  1. This is simply amazing !!!! I love it!!! You is an artist!!! I don’t know even how to start something similar!!!
  2. Yes!! Much better than bandai’s. Bandai, except for Gundam, Is ok. Hasegawa is much better.
  3. I never liked much the static models for the dark side. So I get one, build it and then destroyed part of it to do this:
  4. I’ve preordered a total of 10 kits. Results in 1/72 (1999.jp), Valkyrie in 2 seats, destroyed monster, artillery all at HLJ.
  5. Good point!! Later I’ll repaint it with with to clear it a lot, leaving just the back more dark. I don’t recall any anime scene with super parts on earth. I just invented it ; )
  6. Thanks!! What about the turbine effect?? Did I made it too dark??
  7. Hasegawa and Bandai will re release Macross itens. Including Zentradis!! so goooooddddd
  8. Thanks!! I used 3 micro smd leds on each foot with one resistor of 1.4 k. All connected to a 9v battery. I still gonna add additional weapons, a missile firing and the super parts.
  9. Now it’s getting into the last steps
  10. I only have few, not even 50 kkkkkk
  11. Too soon to tell, but model sets will probably be out of production. So buy while you can.
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