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  1. Got my set from AmiAmi today. Shipper box was fine, but the actual product packaging was smashed in. Had low expectations but I opened and checked the laser antenna. No breakage or bend. Your mileage may vary but hopefully that puts some at ease that are expecting a shipment from AmiAmi.
  2. Received my sets from NNG and from Hobby Genki. Got lucky and both had no damage to the antenna.
  3. Wooooo! Been waiting for this for a decade or something now. I wasn't able to get in on the original release or the subsequent reissue variants. Outside of the original series, Frontier has some of my favorite mech designs in the Macross universe.
  4. It always puzzled me on how Luna Park always has "availability" of hard to get things despite other retailers being sold out.
  5. Lol, work is slow today. Sorry.
  6. Awesome! Looking forward. As of last year, I've started to pare down my collection so I'm not sure how much space I'll need or can have. Hoping to get a new home this year so I'll plan the new display around whatever space I have to work with once we are settled in. I always love seeing other's displays for inspiration.
  7. Ooff, those look nice but also pricey displays! Unless I'm looking at the wrong ones. Hopefully you are able to share photos of your display once it's all set up! I bet it's going to look sooo goood.
  8. Lol yeah, I assumed they must have acquired another batch so PO's back up. I am tempted to get another one but nah.. I got one from AE so figured better for others that may not have had luck on PO night or for those that just want to double up. Yoyakunow seems pretty safe considering what others that purchased from them have experienced so far.
  9. Does anyone here know if physical location matters enough when preordering? Assuming internet speeds are equal and stable. Maybe that could account for why some of us aren't able to preorder despite camping out and F5'ing every second. Obtaining a preorder might get increasingly difficult as you go further away from Japan.
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