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  1. Proof that Macross did venture out there in the Pluto region, as attested in the photo. http://trekmovie.com/2015/07/30/plutos-moon-charon-gets-the-star-trek-treatment
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    Macross 30

    Perhaps I'm super paranoid here, but would like to triple confirm. I am aware that US PS3s are region-free with games and same BD region as Japan, but can US PS3s access JAP games' DLC using a JAP PSN account but via non-JAP IP addresses? My work requires LOTS of traveling, so I would like to know whether JAP PSN account REQUIRE JAP IP addresses for the DLC to work. Thanks in advance.
  3. Quess the egocentric, horny-for-boys, bratty, air headed space cadet has recently been surpassed by the "V"-posing, tongue-showing, ugly-face-and-uglier-hearted Nena Trinity in my books. Katejina takes a distant third.
  4. Detrimental effects to human health... Chinese forum rumors > Chinese dairy products. Exception: Chinese anime contractor leak.
  5. North America has always been there ONLY for hundreds of years? Unless you meant the name and not the landmass, I'm pretty certain you meant millions.
  6. Thanks Gubaba! Do you remember the kanji used, though? (was it 美紅 or 未来?)
  7. Macross Compendium has listed Hikaru's daughter as Miku Ichijyo (一条 美紅), and I have no doubt of Egan's correctness. However, Japanese Wikipedia has her listed as Miku, but Mirai in kanji (一条 未来). I'm trying to find out where did the Miku setting originate from, to make good reference should the point be brought up in a discussion. Thanks,
  8. Actually, the entire "土六 do roku" (Sat 6PM) slot is moved, not just Code Geass 2nd. When Gundam 00 2nd airs in October, it'll pick up right after CG2 on the Sunday slot. The original "do roku" slot, will be delegated to news program 報道特集.
  9. No worries, Gundam 00 will be off the air after Ep.25 to yield to Code Geass' second half. By the time Gundam 00's second half airs in October, Macross F would've finished airing.
  10. It sticks out that Cameron never revealed what type of cyborg she is, it seems obvious that it was left out deliberately. Also, in Ep.5 Cameron seemed surprised upon inspection of the chip pulled out from the terminator, it's gotta be a hidden plot device. And yeah, Summer Glau is cute in an unorthodox kind of way, and has awesome figure.
  11. Agreed, if it was Gurren Tai (隊) then "Team" would've been an accurate translation, but Gurren Dan (団) would be "Brigade", especially in a military context.
  12. Although the writing overlaps the Zeon symbol, it is still sufficiently legible to be indicative of the mobile suit's identity. MAHQ's MS-14Jg Gelgoog Jäger page
  13. I guess...SK likes James Stewart? BTW, during the concert broadcast, the logo said Frontire instead of Frontier... Normally this kind of Japanese misspells annoy me to no end, but with a Xmas present THIS GOOD, they can have ten more mispells and I wouldn't mind! Finished watching the episode in spasms and tears...
  14. How about this? The space-time anomaly that split timelines puts SDF: Macross and Plus in one timeline; while Zero and M7 go the other way. (MII? Who even cares about MII?) This way diehard M7 fans like Keith and friends can freely enjoy their own galactic whale wholesomeness as canon without being trolled, while the others can enjoy peace of mind over the fact that awesomely lame abhorrances like Hummingbirds never even existed in their timeline. There you go, everyone is happy and we have a win-win situation. Now we sit down at a table, and start dividing VF-X, VF-X2, and M3...
  15. Don't feel alone, there are many who like the Galaxy and simply have not spoken. (I do agree though, that it's a bit front-heavy, but nothing's perfect, 90% will do for me) I fail to see why so many find the Excelsior design attractive (although I do like the derived Sovereign), having the main body resembling a toilet bowl. (Not meant as insult, simply stating what its shape reminds me of) The Miranda simply looks like a ship with missing torso, while the Defiant looks like the croissant that I had left forgotten in the backpack, and had since been squashed flat. I guess beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. There, I've spoken my mind, let the barrage begin!
  16. How true, I dearly hope Ranka won't turn into ZZ's Ple...she annoys me to no end. In case we're both wrong, RankaRankaRankaRankaRankaRankaRankaRankaRankaRanka (resonate a la Keroro Gunsou?)
  17. The attack on "Taribian only" sends the message out, which is to deter smaller nations from using CB as allies against larger nations. Clearly, Union would've had no reason to attack, was it not for Taribia's political move. Touching Union forces would've / could've sent a mixed message, which in turn could be deliberately misinterpreted by politicians. Personally, I felt it was hinted in the episode that the whole incident was staged between Taribian and Union leader. Taribian leader gets to squash anti-US sentiments in the nation; while Union benefits from CB's demonstration of force against Union members who are tempted to secede. I doubt either leader was naive enough to believe CB would really allow a Solar power plant to switch into the hands of troublemaking warmonger (in role). CB knew it was used, but the move would still fit with their mission principle so they proceeded nonetheless. A thin-ice, superficial peace is still better than chaos and large-scale war. One has to take into account CB's limited resources. No matter how advanced their weaponry, the cold fact is that if a major war broke out, CB would be pathetically and hopelessly outnumbered, and would not be of much use at all.
  18. After the 20 year span, I wouldn't be surprised if VF-19/VF-22 are borderline retired, VF-25 become main fighter, and see newly developed models sometime past the series' midpoint. If Bandai had the rights, and ran Macross like they run Gundam, we would've already seen 4 to 5 different types of Valks...
  19. I would consider Allelujah's condition explicitly stated, although it was through animation rather than done verbally. Viewers may or may not have noticed that after he sensed Soma and bent down due to severe headache, he clearly had his hair brushed to a different side, speaking with a different tone of voice as if someone else, had a different pupil color when he came back up, and made cruelly sarcastic remarks. Then after experiencing the childhood flashback of being stranded in space, he changed his hair back to the way it was, sounded sincerely sympathetic, and made the completely opposite decision of launching for rescue. With the eye heterochromatism, sudden changes of stance and hair side *hint hint*, I would say the director could not have made it any more obvious.
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