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  1. ShinerTheBock

    Hi-Metal R

    What in the hell are those things? Looks like some evil spore monsters from a B-movie.
  2. I wanted to reply to your thread but I don't have that option...anyway, looks like we had the same childhood cartoon-wise!  Your mention of Starblazers and G-Force (Battle of the Planets, I think the show was called in the US?) really took me back.  Welcome to the forum...some really nice folks here.

    1. MaxFan2112


      Thanks for the welcome, ShinerTheBock! I've definitely got a huge nostalgia factor for all those old cartoons. And in my area, G-Force was titled as both that AND Battle of the Planets. Who knew about Science Ninja Team Gatchaman in the 70's? :lol: Looking forward to more good stuff (and Macross goodness!) on the Forums.

  3. ShinerTheBock

    Hi-Metal R

    I’d love some Strike Parts. Much better than those weird-looking “missile effect” things. Also would love to see a Super Stealth valk. That grey-on-grey color scheme just looks awesome. I have the Yamato 1/48 release and love it, other than the fact that it falls apart if I look at it wrong.
  4. ShinerTheBock

    Hi-Metal R

    Not me. Evidently I prefer to be late to the party and pay overinflated market prices for stuff. But who knows, maybe I'll try this "stay informed" approach and see how it works.
  5. Wow, nice! Looks like a great place; I'll definitely check it out next time I'm in the DFW area. Thanks for the heads-up!
  6. Ah yes, the trademark dispute, I forgot about that in terms of merchandising/imports. Well hey, next time I'm in California I'll hit you guys up and see if there are any meet-ups planned!
  7. Just wondering if anyone has a favorite US-based brick and mortar store they frequent that carries cool import Macross toys and such? I'm in Austin, TX and definitely don't know of any. Lots of places carry those Bandai Gundam kits, but nothing Macross. I almost got excited when I saw a Toynami Robotech 1/100 "micronian" valk (sorry, veritech) at Think Geek, but quickly lost my enthusiasm when I inspected it closely - NO comparison to the Bandai HMRs. Anyway, even though I'm in Austin I'd love to hear about any cool places in the US you might recommend. Bonus points if it's in Texas. Anyway, I ask because there was a great comic book store in the Dallas/Fort Worth area back in the 80s that some of you might remember called "Fantastic Worlds", if I'm not mistaken, that tended to carry some chunky monkeys, among other things. My mom bought me a VF-1S Strike Valk from there for Christmas one year, and I'll tell you to this day it's one of the best Christmas gifts I've ever received. Such a great memory. That place disappeared a long time ago so I've always hoped I could find another great local store that carried great imports. Would love to hear any similar stories any of you folks might have.
  8. ShinerTheBock

    Hi-Metal R

    Man, that's really awesome; nice job making that happen! I bought mine from a US-based Ebay seller, so I'm pretty sure it would be a waste of time for me to try this same approach.
  9. ShinerTheBock

    Hi-Metal R

    Dude that’s awesome. Do you work for a special FX company building miniatures for movies or something?
  10. ShinerTheBock

    Hi-Metal R

    Care to sell me a set?
  11. ShinerTheBock

    Hi-Metal R

    I hate to say it, but it’s seeming like a real longshot to trade for right calf armor pieces because most everyone has duplicate lefts. To me, Bandai should be held accountable. This is not cool.
  12. Hi guys, adding myself to the list of folks looking to trade my duplicate left calf armor piece for a right, or buy a right one outright. Give a noobie a chance! Thanks in advance.
  13. ShinerTheBock

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks so much for offering! PM sent.
  14. ShinerTheBock

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks for the idea! I may do a bit of research to see how cheap I can find them. As I understand it they were exclusive at the time to a particular retailer so I'm not holding out much hope. Maybe I should look at a VF-1S...but man, those aren't cheap...
  15. ShinerTheBock

    Hi-Metal R

    That sucks, I know how you feel. Right pieces seem to be at a premium these days! I don't suppose anyone has tried contacting Bandai directly about this have they? Seems like the longest of shots, but just curious.
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