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  1. Ah, challenge accepted. The use of magnets may be needed. We'll see when we get to it.
  2. Fantastic work John. Can't wait for delivery. Does the Milia figure fit inside the closed cockpit?
  3. Very nice. You wouldn't happen to have any more of those monitor decals?
  4. Well, this will be epic. Have signed up for one with R2KF. Will the Milla bust look anything like that line drawing?
  5. Thanks Cap. Much appreciated. Sure, I guess that's ok.
  6. Hi Here is my Recently completed Legult Heavy Missile Carrier, for the R2KF Build comp. /Johan
  7. I desperately want one, but I just can't afford it right now. AAAARRRGGGH
  8. Fantastic looking Viggen. The colours look spot on. Just a few remarks if you don't mind. As this depicts a JA 37 Jaktviggen (the fighter version) there are a few things that is different. It should have a fourth activator for the elevons on each wing and the navlights should be moved to the vingtips. Just a few nitpics on anothervise fantastic looking build. /Johan
  9. HA HA. I love that. I'll have to change the title on this thread. Thank you very much for those kind words Cap. Much appreciated. I do have a lot of other projects going, so I don't know when I can build the other crabs, but when I get to it you'll see it here. That's a very good point regarding the watermark, have to think about that in the future. If you like to use any of my pics to promote your kits you have my blessing. /Johan
  10. Thanks. I thought it would add a bit of character and tell a bit of a story that this individual is a bad ass and has seen some action.
  11. Thanks for your kind words. Hera are the final pics of the finished pinky crab. It's been a real joy to build. Unfortunately, my camera has problems picking up purple colors, so it looks more blue than it actually is in reality.
  12. Final assembly Legs and head assembled and installed. Arms assembled and Installed. And finally, the guns.
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