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  1. Got my 1D today from luna park, and they packed mine in a dhl bag as well, all corners of the brown tamashi box are dented and one side where the flap is looks dented 😒
  2. Mine finally shipped out on weds, i know someone on here who just went and ordered one from site and had theirs ship out the same day before me who pre ordered back in december…..
  3. I sent them a message just now, if their site is listing it in stock ready to ship, mine should have been shipped already, i’d figure they would ship out preorders first before online orders that were placed just today….
  4. Wth?, i preordered mine back in december from lunapark and it still says waiting for shipment?!?
  5. Mine came yesterday from amazon japan along with my tv super parts, ordered this past sunday
  6. Their webiste says they use EMS shipping, isnt EMS down right now?. You may have to contact them to see if you need to upgrade to different shipping option....
  7. i always wondered why Bandai doesn't include a space helmet pilot to go along with the TV 1:48's?, the YF-19 full set comes with a helmeted isamu and a non helmet isamu and you figure Bandai would do the same here and include both version pilots, one with space helmet and the other with regular helmet but they didn't .........
  8. last year when i ordered my dx 1S Hikaru from Kurama it came shipped from japan, My second time ordering from them
  9. what guynoir said, please where can i find the template to print these out? ones that's already colored to the vf-11b so i can just cut it out and glue together to slip them on
  10. Shout out to @Ridden001 Had a great transaction and fast shipping, packed very well. A+
  11. Im interested in his VF-1J and he messaged me back saying he had a family emergency and has to put his sales on hold, just wanted to let you know in case he doesnt reply back soon
  12. 1st release VF-1J complete with decals applied - SOLD this is the first release with the rainbow canopy, cracked shoulders, and difficult crotch swing bar attachment. the rainbow coating is still intact with no peeling the cracked hinges at the pins were carefully fixed with super glue and move just fine, transformed multiple times with no problems or signs of further breaking/cracking. the white is not a brilliant white but it is also not yellowing, more like a cream white. Still a nice toy and will make a good beater to handle and play with while your other valks stay safe in your display case , or just have it displayed
  13. checked my ray and he is good, have to wait till xmas to check my yellow. my stick however has cracks on both sides and has not been transformed!. I put a little drop of super glue with a toothpick to get into the crack, put a second teeny drop to coat it, hopefully that will strengthen that part and not cause it to break
  14. Mine came in from kuramatoys sucks cuz its a xmas present from my fiance to me so cant open it till xmas , really hoping mine is free of defects.
  15. Thats unfortunate that the wings dont line up even still, with this being the 3rd release you’d figure they have the assembly down by now......
  16. Still no update from kurama toys on my order, still says its pending
  17. anyone ever order from kurama toys and not have their order fulfilled? just curious and hope my order gets fulfilled for the vf-1s (fingers crossed)
  18. Wow!, I'm glad i got one from kuramatoys even though it was $250 price last night, it shows my order is pending right now, really hope it goes through (fingers crossed)
  19. Anyone have a loose HMR VF-1A with clear canopy and extra hands and shoulder cover they want to sell?
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