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  1. The Focker has landed! A day early as well. I wonder if NNG is buying stock from local shops. This is my first DX and I can't wait to play with it this weekend!
  2. Just got my shipping notification from NNG!!! They shipped it with DHL. I was in the $225 crew. I can finally relax a bit.
  3. I picked up Roy at the same price as well. Hopefully this week they take care of all orders from PO madness. Not gonna lie, I'm refreshing my email like crazy in the evenings lol
  4. No email from Nin Nin yet. At this point I don't mind paying a little extra so that they just ship it asap. Is anyone else waiting on NNG to contact them on any updates?
  5. Thank you for posting that update! I just checked my status and it's the same. Hopefully Tuesday is the day.
  6. Looks like we are. I believe you're right on the stock situation. The NNG even has it available to buy atm. Hopefully it is the case they're shipping as many as they can during the day and it's only a matter of time before we get a shipping notification.
  7. Got a response this morning telling me they will update the shipping in my order. Still no shipping notification though.
  8. I placed a ticket with Nin Nin to upgrade my shipping to DHL/Fedex, since I foolishly chose EMS. Hope it comes through. Nin Nin order: Shinobi Rendar 1 x Roy @ $225.29 ordered July 3rd
  9. That's great to hear!
  10. I got it at $225 before shipping. I picked EMS as well. Still no word from them.
  11. @Slave IV You were one of the first and you're still hanging with us! Much Respect!
  12. There's still hope here https://okini.land/en/21236-dx-chogokin-vf-1s-valkyrie-roy-focker-special-bandai-spirits.html
  13. Managed to get one at Nin Nin at the higher price $225... I can rest now
  14. This is the only DX I need to have! Will be my first time attending PO Madness. Not hopeful of any success, but still crossing my naive fingers. Best of luck to everyone!
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