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  1. Thanks everyone. seti88: The clay was used on smaller parts. The armor for the VF-2SS was made in parts and the clay was used. The drones of the Sv-262 and the VF-0 are also made of clay. The wings on the drones where made with the plastic used for packages like batteries or strawberries. I found it easier to take a pice slightly bigger than what I needed, baked it and then with a X-acto knife carve away once it was hardened. The clay is really messy uncooked and can easily get out of shape while handling it. The YF-30 and the Sv-262 were made of a pice of PVC panel (3/4 inch) I think. Also used the X-acto knife. That knife is very sharp, I recommend great caution when using it and always make cuts away from you or any part of the body.
  2. Hi everyone, its been a while. I have been doing my own models since Bandai stop making them. It has not been easy and results have not been the desires ones but I am for the most part pleased. I made 1/250 scale for the Sv-262, the VF-2SS with armor, the drone for the VF-0 and the YF-30. Just need to make the VF-31 and I will feel complete. These are made either with PVC plastic or hardening Clay.
  3. Hi everyone. I am looking for the YF-19 1/250 scale from Bandai Macross fighter collection (Isamu Dyson use) and also if any of you happened to have the loose bases (stands) for that series I am in need of a few of those and don't care about the lettering on them. I am paypal verified. Appreciate any help on this.
  4. Thanks Lorindor and Sanity Is Optional, I have seen their auctions but I am a bit hesitant to buy in there. There are a few good finds on those auctions. I will keep trying. I guess I am a little late to the fun
  5. Hi everyone, This is my very first post. I Joined the forum after seeing this thread online. I have been a fan of Macross since the 80's and recently bought a few fighter collection figures. Now I am hooked. It's been some time since the las post on this thread but other than ebay is there any other place to buy single fighters? I hope there is a 5 series. Would love to see the VF-31' s, VF-17 and VF-2SS with super armor pack. I would like to obtain: VF-25 Alto tornado pack YF-19 Isamu Daison YF-21 or VF-22 VF-0S VF-2SS VF-1 super pack I would be happy with just those.
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