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  1. 8 hours ago, mikeszekely said:

    New haul, @Kuma Style, or just got them back out for pictures?  I managed to get the three main ones.  QC and crowdfunding issues kept me from getting Sunstorm and Acid Storm, but I love how they look.  If they weren't too expensive I'd like to go back and get them (and G2 Starscream) someday.

    Hey hope all has been well, Mike.

    This one's a new haul. Had the main three seekers before and sold them. Figured I'd never own them again but a friend was on his way out of collecting and sold them all at significantly less than retail so I had to jump.

    Solar Flare is definitely the most fraked up thing MT ever released and I now have no wonder why it put the company on hiatus for so long. Acid whatever on the flip side is issue free and great.

    Looking forward to unboxing Dirge later.

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