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  1. A shame since I came down from MA for the launch but per the press conference earlier the attempt Monday/Tuesday is off while they replace the seal that failed today. While they're examining options it seems highly probable they'll need to roll back to the VAB for the replacement with the next window for attempts likely being mid-late October from what I'm hearing. Crossing my fingers that I'll at least be able to catch a Falcon 9 launch tomorrow; though I suppose a weeks vacation in FL isn't exactly awfull even without a big launch and I knew going in that traveling for the first flight of a new vehicle carried a decent degree of risk.
  2. Down in Florida for Artemis I and managed to catch a couple rare birds (or at least rare liveries as T38s and 757s are both fairly common), if not as close as I might've liked in either case. NASA T-38 trainer spotted on KSC bus tour (center of frame, over the olive drab containers) Boeing C-32 "Air Force 2" doing a parade pass over the A. Max Brewer bridge on approach to the shuttle landing facility during Monday's scrubbed launch attempt. Not entirely sure if it was an intentional parade pass or just an oddly law and circuitus approach; they did fly paralell to the bridge at a pretty good bank before I got my camera turned around so I'm leaning toward intentional.
  3. Yeah I've seen that and they've got ~$1K of pre-orders from me at the moment so I'm betting on them being able to fulfill orders. It's just a bit unsettling how long they accept orders and how easy it to get items that are completely unavailable elsewhere especially where that same type of thing happened with N-Y before they went full on scam (thinking the Kairos pre-order specifically where they left orders open weirdly long and then took years to fulfill on some of them). Probably just me being paranoid after getting burned so bad on my N-Y pre-orders; but I figure if I'm linking people somewhere and I have any concerns about the site I'm endorsing it's only fair to be upfront. I've personally never had problems before with a half dozen orders, but have seen reports of them canceling (with a refund) and re-posting the item at a markup. I'd've gone with them but earlier their site wasn't letting me add it to the cart despite looking like it was available.
  4. Luna Park is still accepting orders: https://www.lunapark.store/product-page/metal-build-justice-gundam-japan-version Not sure how legitimate their pre-orders are since I haven't received anything from them yet. I've got a few orders in with them that I wasn't able to secure elsewhere so they seem to keep their orders open; hoping they're not another N-Y type operation.
  5. Huh. Looks like their shrouding the engine (note the lack of visible vane actuating rings or borescope probes running into the chamber wall and how little visible plumbing there is) that's going to add a bit of a weight hit but if the thrust figure is accurate I think it should still dramatically increase the TWR. I worder if the shroud is part of the "three stream" design. Two of the three streams are obviously the primary engine stream and the typical bypass stream you have with basically every engine; I'm guessing the third stream is a semi contained diversion of the bypass air directed along the outer wall of the housing for cooling. The diagram in the article would seem to support this guess and if so that's a pretty clever inovation that should enable a huge leap in future engine designs with how heat constrained current engines are. Especially since this intermediate stream would also add a small but likely measurable amount of thrust on its own from thermal expansion within the shroud being forced into the exhaust stream.
  6. I would really love a 1/72 Gripen E from HM or one of the other manufacturers that do dicast models. I've been able to find a model of one of the older versions but my main reason for wanting it is having helped design a good chunk of the engine refit for the E model at my last job and it's always cool to have a model of something you've worked on.
  7. As a reader of the manga that's been waiting for a propper adaptation for over a decade I'm largely dissapointed by what we got; they tried to cover an entire 120 chapter manga in 12 episodes and while they hit most of the highlights it just felt super bland compared to the manga. Trying to be objective I'd probably rate the anime as being rather good but knowing how much potential they wasted just really sours it as an adaptation.
  8. Had a bit of a bigger bounce a bit later when the ruptured Methane tank caught; still a phenominaly successful test. Looking forward to them getting a functional landing gear system in place and seeing them intentionaly get vehicles airborne multiple times.
  9. Lightning Striker Pack arrived today; I can't say I like how it looks on the Strike but I put it on my Blue Frame and it fits much better and even does away with the huge gap every other pack has when used with either of the Astrays. I wasn't able to get it to peg in securely but the chest piece holds it on well enough. Also after taking the Lightnig Pack off of it I played around with my Strike setup and managed to find a way to rig up a Perfect Strike . It looks pretty good from the right angle but unfortunately as soon as you get away from head on the bastardized Strike>Astray>Strike adapter I had to rig up to get the other packs to work with it leaves the Aile pack sticking way too far out and sagging so it's not quite perfect.
  10. Okay; covid threw me a series of curveballs but I'm back to a situation where I can move forward with this. 2nd donor Quant arrived today and I could get everything except the armature swapped easily and do a mockup of the final results. I'd say the twins are looking pretty good so far. Now to get access to decent CAD software in a way that won't get me fired so I can finish up the brackets. Probably going to cave and buy a personal Solid Works license but that's some serious money; better than Inventor's subscription only model that'd end up costing more after a couple years though.
  11. My Sword Striker arrived and I have to assume Bandai is deliberately designing these to be incompatible in anticipation of offering a Perfect Strike set. Even with the bastardized adapter I made to get the Aile and Launcher on at the same time there's no way to add in the sword module without owning at least two copies of it due to the way it attaches. Hopefully it comes up soon and isn't too limited a release.
  12. That's disgusting on several levels; just imagine trying to work on a computer where the normal dust infiltration is turned to cement by chicken grease.
  13. It's got flaps for attitude control but it has nowhere near enough lifting surface to glide just fall slowly; they're also designing it to be landable on Mars with a variant without flaps and only vacuum optimized engines for the moon or other locations with negligible atmosphere both of which need propulsive landing for anything this size. Trying to get a 12 story building gliding in Mars' atmosphere would take far more wing area than is practical and aerodynamically landing with the moon's "atmosphere" is a complete non-starter.
  14. I've seen a lot of people taking the engines not being able to arrest decent as a failure; it's really not. From someone that's followed space technology for decades and has worked in the industry for the past 7 years that was probaby the biggest leap in rocket technology proven by a single test vehicle since the 50's; and they nailed everything but the landing on the first try. Getting the issues with the header tank pressure solved and landing is fairly easy compared to the stuff they pulled off yesterday. Congrats to Space X on a damn near flawless test. Once they get that bird running and human rated it's going to change everything about spaceflight. If you want detailed analysis from someone that knows what they're talking about rather than most news outlets going "Space X's latest test exploded on landing" over a 10 second clip of the fireball check out Scott's video on it.
  15. Aren't the Morgan and Raven already large for fighters? A typical modern fighter wingspan is ~10-13m so those look about right to be the same scale if the Raven's wingspan is ~13-15m.
  16. Turns out I was somewhat wrong on the Perfect Strike provided you only plan to display it from the front. You can daisy chain the Striker>Astray and Astray>Striker adapters if you modify them a bit and add 4 peg holes to the setup. Looks about as bad as either of the Astray Striker packs from the side though.
  17. Astray Blue frame and one of my Luancher Striker packs came in today; not enough time to realy do much with them but I oppened the Launcher to check it out. Unfortunately I can confirm that there isn't any way to connect the cannon with the Aile Striker attached so a Perfect Strike is impossible unless; the standalone Aile Striker pack has some extra holes, Bandai releases a full Perfect Striker set with modified parts, you mount the armature for the cannon in place of one of the lower engines on the Aile Striker, or you drill a peg hole in the Launcher Striker shoulder unit to mount the armature to that. The stand that comes with it is not particularly impressive on first glance being just grey plastic with (at least on my copy) a lot of sprue marks but looking at the construction there's a lot of modularity in how you set the stand up and you could, in theory, get up to 5 Striker packs mounted to a full stand depending on if you can get the packs themselves to pack together tight enough. There's the configuration shown in the promo images with one pack on either side and a single connecting piece with a third pack; but there are three positions for the connector and they're spaced far enough apart that you should be able to get all three filled if you have enough connectors. The ends of the side mounts also have joints that you can separate and with extra pieces could insert segments giving you extra peg holes for mounting as well.
  18. Awesome; tracking number was recognized there, thanks. History looks a bit odd with it departing and arriving to the same facility a 4 times for a week and a half but looks to be in progress now; i suppose that would partially explain the extended shipping time if not the actual cause.
  19. Anyone have anything shipped from Anime Export recently? I had a preorder that was set for EMS that they upgraded to a "private courier service" and shipped a few weeks ago but I can't get the tracking number to work with anything and I haven't heard anything on the ticket I submitted last. Granted I put the ticket in late Friday so I'm not terribly concerned yet but was curious if anyone might have had the same situation and know where to track the package. The tracking number's prefix is ECANI if anyone recognizes that.
  20. I'd advise sticking with it if you can. It's definately much weaker than the first seasons but the payoff in the last couple episodes is quite good; unfortunately I can't say it gets much better until then so you've still ~5 weak episodes till it picks up.
  21. I think White Rabbit and possibly Buyee may do that. They're both primarily proxy buying services but I think I remember them doing reshipping/consolidation as well.
  22. That just makes it weirder; that whole design is a glaring stress concentration and metal fatigue nightmare with any differential in lift getting funneled into that one area. I mean you can design around and mittigate that but there's going to be compromises to do so. The only thing I can see that design gaining over a typical BWB design is a bit of weight reduction but you're taking hits on the structural integrity and maintnance of the airframe, the internal space for passengers/cargo, and your lifting surface at minimum. I'd be willing to bet that the merging of the airstreams over each of those body segments is going to be a mess and add a fair bit of drag to the design as well. I could see something similar with a tail plane with some structural beams in side it across the base of the triangle to spread stresses at least working but even then I wouldn't think it'd have any notable advantages over a traditional BWB planform.
  23. BWBs are awesome and would almost certainly be the future if we could rebuild every airport with a wider runway but that monstrocity literally made me wince. The stress loads that thing'd have to carry across the vertex of the notch with lift surfaces split like that are insane. Can we stop letting art majors drive the concepts for things only to then require that people with a functional grasp of basic physics will have to spend years arguing against to their bosses waisting ridiculous ammounts of time and money? Granted it's just a study so the most probable outcome is a basic simulation showing the stress analysis and then no one ever having to see that design ever again.
  24. As I understand it that's been Microsoft's explicit stance for a while now; they'll do Microsoft exclusives but not Xbox exclusives. As long as you have a decent PC that runs on (or emulates) Windows an Xbox is entirely redundant.
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