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  1. Man PO night was rough
  2. So if you cancel within 3 days it’s all good? I impulse sped through checkout then realized how overcharge they are and was hoping I could cancel
  3. What’s the cancellation policy at Sugo Toys?
  4. Damn I need one so bad please tell me someond got spares
  5. crap my Taobao preorder for the first run strike parts disappeared. Anyone willing to part with a set?
  6. I ordered a first round preorder from Taobao earlier and I’m glad because I do not wanna wait that long
  7. Any where to get the strike parts? Or at least a release day
  8. Idk I’m happy with my purchase from N-Y
  9. Can NY edit preorders? Accidentally chose 80$ shipping on my order. Also accidentally chose an old adress
  10. I want those no paint model kits, I've been trying to track one down lately and have had no luck! I would really appreciate help.
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