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    Pictures Wanted

    Jenius, This is a picture of the weathered VF-1S Max that I received from Jungle. As someone stated in another thread, it does appear that the only difference between the cover of the box for the weather and regular is a yellow box on the bottom left corner of the front. Hope this helps with completely your pictures of the review. Great work as always!
  2. From photos I've seen of the VF-1S Max weather's box, it's the same as the regular. I don't believe the weather came with a sticker like the other weathered figures did. However the contents of the package for the Max weather is similar to the others as it is wrapped in an extra plastic with a white paper slip.
  3. Thanks Jenius! I took a look at it and emailed them to see pictures of it. I'm hoping to find one pop up at a better deal but only time can tell if I find one. So keeping my fingers crossed 😆
  4. Eslim109

    Hi-Metal R

    You already got your VF-1J Max!?!?!? 😱
  5. Hi MW members, I have decided to sell my duplicate figures from the Guyver manga in the Max Factory Bio Fighter Collection line. These figures are from my personal collection and since they were duplicates, I have kept the figures in their boxes and placed in storage in a closest. All figures are MISB unless otherwise stated. All come from a pet and smoke free home. Payments accepted via PayPal through friends and family otherwise add 3% to total costs. Shipping costs will be calculated on individual basis. My reason for selling my figures is because I now need room for my Macross figures. In all honesty, I never thought I would get as hooked as I am now in collecting Macross figures. So it's all thanks to everyone here for rekindling my love for Macross With that said, here are the figures. Guyver 1 - $118 Guyver 1+ (Image Head Plus) - $166 (MIB, sealed tap is torn) Guyver 2 - $143 Guyver 3 (w/ black blades) - $190 Guyver 3 (w/ clear blades) - $118 (bought Used in Japan. Figure has some wear) Hyper Zoanoid Neo ZX-Tole - $95 (bought Used in Japan. Figure has some wear) Guyver Gigantic - $309 (MIB, sealed tap is torn) Guyver Gigantic Dark - $360 Zoalord Pluqstahl - $265 Please send me a pm if you have any additional questions and I will try to answer back as promptly as possible. Mods, if you feel this thread does not belong here, then please delete and let me know where is the proper place to put this. I don't mean to disobey any rules. And upon reading the rules, I believe this is the proper place to post this.
  6. So many awesome figures!!! I need to buy some cabinets to display my figures but currently don't have the room in my apartment. But everyone's awesome display setups are definitely helping me with how to set up my future display room! And all this talk about Metal Builds is making me want to buy some now 😆
  7. Man if only you were selling a Astray Red and Gold! I'm currently looking for those to go with the Blue coming out
  8. Hahaha. All your words are basically what my head is saying. But my girlfriend is gonna kill me as I've been on a figures buying spree already haha 😂
  9. So I'm debating whether to get this or not. I like the color of this YF-29 but I just don't know if it's worth getting if I already have the YF-29 Focker and Yf-29 Ozma figures. Anyone have suggestions to help me with my dilemma? >.<
  10. Awesome transaction with Bruinsinla! Great communication and quick/safe shipment of the package.
  11. Eslim109

    Hi-Metal R

    Any possibility that the Vf-1J Max Jenius will be coming back up for pre-order? I must get one!!!!
  12. I am interested in purchasing a Yamato 1/60 VF-1S Max Jenius figure. As close to mint condition as possible would be great and I would love to have the box and all accessories in great condition as well. Also would be interested in purchasing 1/60 weathered super/strike parts with the VF-1S if the parts are in similar condition with all accessories and it's box. If you are selling or know of someone who is, please let me know. Much appreciated!
  13. Thanks Bomber! Now I need help with the following >_< 1/60 VF-1S Focker Weathering 1/60 VF-1S Jenius Weathering 1/60 VF-1 Super Parts Weathering
  14. Awesome transaction with Duymon! Great communication, fast responses, quick and well packaged shipment. Highly recommended seller. Thanks again Duymon!
  15. Thanks Mr Bomber! Is that for the renewal one cuz I forgot to mention I was referring to that one haha.
  16. Can anyone help me on the price of a MISB Bandai DX VF-27b figure?
  17. Nice figures! Good luck on the sales! Too bad your son isn't selling any figures I need . Oh and your son definitely has good taste in consoles! And where are my damn emojis. They disappeared
  18. Hello macrossworld people, As the title explains, I am looking to buy a Bandai DX VF-27y Super Parts set figure. I am looking for one in the condition of MISB in particular. Please pm me if you are selling or know someone who is. Appreciate it!
  19. Still on the look for some of these figures. If anyone is selling, please let me know. Thank you!
  20. Haha I'm trying to find the shortest line possible Yea I saw they are for sale on Jungle but much too steep for my wallet. I'm willing to pay over market price but not that much over. That's like jumping over a bridge much haha Thanks for the help though buddy!
  21. Hi, As the title explains, I am looking to buy a Bandai DX VF-19 Advance and Bandai DX YF-30 Kronos figures. I am looking for these items in the condition of MIB/MISB, unopened in packaging, unused. I am looking to buy through PayPal and I understand that there is a fee for PayPal payments so I am more than willing to pay for those fees. Please send me a pm if you have either or both of these figures for sale. Thank you
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