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  1. NY answered about HMR vf-4 Hello Thank you for your message First we apologies for the delay in the shipment of your order. After checked with the team, they received only half of our stock. The second part will be receive during the month. One more time we apologies for this inconvenience, and please be sure we will do our best to ship your order soon as possible Please don't hesitate to send another message if you need anything else. Kind Regards
  2. Same with vf-4, pre-paid in december, nothing about news, last friday wrote for support, no answer at all...
  3. Well, could be better, but not bad at all for first time... Now i need to finish sloppy paint places, chose panel-line color(black or brown i think), panel-line, decals, gloss (:
  4. You wellcome(: Today did white gray and brown, it was darker then i expected, but i like it(hope under flat gloss it will be lighter). So next time i need to finish with dark grey, decals, panel lining, gloss,etc) Gray zone - will be under dark gray. And quick fotoshop with dark grey zone. But it will be closer to black i think in final result
  5. Prepearing yf-21 for paint. Also did test colot sheme with 3 colors - white gray, dark gray and sand-brown(~like vf-11b main color). but still dont like cocpit-head area, still thinking about it...
  6. My first paint experience(always i just make bandai from box and panel line). May be not good at all, and many mistakes, but at least it's fun and i'm trying something new and make it better. Thinking about break wing and make "crash" diorama. Not final version, but close on it.
  7. sqidd, support from amiami answered me, that they'll send me that missed part(if you want get yout yf-30 here).
  8. Moved into new apartaments and yestarday put on my new shelf my macross toys. I like it! Now i need to deecide where i will get my HMR toys and make nightlight like on last photos test backlight.
  9. Hope support will answer something for me and your yf-30 will be without problems(: Anyway i'm glad about get it, thats really good walk. Love it much better then 31
  10. Long time wanted to chronos. Bought exactly same lot with same descriprion(item A box B): https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-005738-R Today it was arrived and all good, but brace for gearlwalk without stand was not in box and missed. Little dissapointed about it for that price of item. I think i need write to support, so be carefull.
  11. SuNDuK

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Finally, VF-31S Armor has arrived! So huge in real life, i really like it! But i have some dissapointment today. Didn't saw my 31s about 3 month, and noticed that it's getting yellow. It didn't seen sun light, only for pictures was under window and after that i put it on the shelf, so that's yellowing after only one year dissapointing. Of course i will fix that, but on other DX toys all was all good with color T_T So be carefull with that! P.s. Sorry for quality of pics - i have bad lighting now.
  12. Yep, it was first test and i thought right about this! To make it more invisible. Thank you for advice!
  13. Slowly moving my collection on new apartaments (: Half it there!
  14. SuNDuK

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I'm not in home, so May be it is not good quality, but May be Will help you.
  15. SuNDuK

    Hi-Metal R

    Hello All. May be anyone know about decals for HMR vf-1? I have vt-1 super ostrich and think about more vf-1 in future, but i want to make it more detailed like panell lining(done) and decals(to make it like premium finish aracadia toys or chogokins from bandai. Like no step decals etc). But i didnt found any decals for HMR and even for 1/72 scale. So may be anyone know and can help. TY.
  16. SuNDuK

    Bandai DX VF-31

    For me gloss varnish hurt the design. So i decided little bit upgrade my frontier chogokins and now for me thats awesome. I have no RVF25 now because money problem, but i want all randome squad, so it will be and i'm shure, that will be look great as all my matt varnish units. So i think problem is not about color choise. See pics under spoiler:
  17. Finish line! Finished Luka's 171(base stand and armor), panel lined my new HMR(but i thik i will try to find some decals or somthing like that for him), and almost done with CF-171. New triangels, panel lined armor and matte. In real life looks awesome! Today i hope i will finish assemble it back :3
  18. SuNDuK

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I asked support hlj about this situation - no answer
  19. Just because my Phone can make a good pics only on sunlight(: today i finished Lukas 171, stand and armor, so he going to guard my pc far away from window^^
  20. Luka waiting finishing his armor, and his brother cf-171 happy about new triangles arrive!
  21. May be it was uncorrect word. It's not repaint or something else, i'm not so good for this. When i recieved my 31s chogokin i started to think that new bandai releases looks much better visual to compare with old(frontier releases) for me. So i started to visual improve my frontier chogokins. First of them was my first chogokin, i bought from a friend abot year ago so it was first candidate for training. I disassembled it, fixed leg joints, panellined and covered with matte varnish. Vissually it began to look like i bought version 2 of yf-29 Then i made same with my 25a, and couple days ago i recieved my new year present for me - RVF-171. Same things - panellined and matte varnish, yestarday it was finished and i assemble it back again. Only left my CF-171, which is panel lined, but not covered with matt, because it waiting for new triangles T_T. yf-29 black panel lined with tamiya tamiya panel line accent color vf-25a black panel lined and second layer gray cf-171 black rvf-171 gray. Left finished matt shield from yf-29, right panel lined shield from vf-25a More randome pics under spoiler:
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