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  1. For sure! This car with a nicely balanced engine (not stock) and a Volkswagen engine air cooled done by Raby. This engine consistantly runs at 8K RPM with no problems. Not to mention you can remove the engine and replace it in less than 30 minutes. If you really want to see a 914 run, the V8 and Subaru conversions out there are super fast. The purist will stick with Porsche and VW engines though. The most competitive cars against this one is are Miatas and Lotus. Considering this car is 37+ years old, super cheap to buy, and running on carbs, todays standards are not much of an improvement. I just love watching guys driving 6 figure cars jaws drop after they get smoked by a less than $10K car powered by an old (somewhat modified) VW engine.
  2. Lotus killer here. Don't be fooled by its lack of roll cage, racing tires, and cheesey decals. THIS CAR IS SIC! (on the track)
  3. Im glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read your post or it would be all over my keyboard.
  4. umm not really. Collectibles are usually generational and cultural. You like certain cultural subjects that you personally grew up with. So 1000 years into the future, I dont think anybody will care about the stuff we care about in this day and age. Macross, Transformers, even Star Wars will just be interesting historical pop culture to a few people in the future. Who knows what the future will hold for us if we survive that long. There may be great leaps in technology and life as we know it may be completley different and beyond our comprehension. Think about it, 1000 years into the future. By that time, real 1/1 valkyries may exists or maybe not need too. Jets and automobiles may be considered dinosaurs technologywise. Might aliens be living among in that time. Would we even need vehicles. Teleportation might be the way we travel. The future may be so fantastic......on the other hand, what I see is a bunch fleshlings laying in beds by the billions permanently pumping morphine into there veins by some morhine pumping robot. Ultimately, no matter how interesting all this seems to us, the people of the future will be bored by it. I guess you can label me a Nihilist, meh.
  5. whew, I see im not the only one feeling the pinch. One the bright side, if you do have expendable money these should go on sale status real quick and you can pick some up at a bargain.
  6. I chose 100 years. In 500 years, it is possible we will not even have a planet or the human species. The balance of technology and human evolution is way off as of right now. I can't imagine in 500 years what the future has in store for us. A bunch of overtechnology and human zombies walking around. We are not far from that now. Do I really need a computer monitor and t.v. screen built into my eyeballs. Do I need a cell phone so small that I could accidently inhale it. Do I need another repaint of the VF-1. Only 1 request. Before they put me to sleep for however many years, I want a gun placed with me. If I awake in 100 years to find that people are even more miserable than they are now, I can just put a bullet into my brain.
  7. hmmmm thats interesting. Im suprised nobody has tried to make a full size cyclone mock up yet. Even a non transforming cyclone would be nice. I always wondered what it would look like 1/1 scale.
  8. dang, if you been looking for a year and have not found one yet, then you are not trying hard enough. A few months ago I was seeing Wiis everywhere I went. The problem is people want to wait until November to buy the hot christmas present. You simply have to plan ahead and avoid the whole holiday hassle.
  9. Thats some seriously awesome engineering right there. Forget Donald trump, I want to be your apprentice. Please!
  10. so is this SS a limited edition? Some people are claiming that fact, but I don't see anything on the box saying its limited edtion.
  11. hey shin, you seem to know your retail stores. I was in walmart and bought the last Bumblebee. I need 2 of them, so I asked the clerk since I bought the last one will the computer automatically order more? She did not know. So how does this all work? Does the store manager order the stuff, or somebody higher up? Just curious.
  12. Murder away mate! If your attempting to improve the valk, nothing wrong with that. If you have the money to experiment on 1/48s, go for it. Just post your work on here when you are done. Now, if you started using your 1/48 for target practice with your BB gun, then you might be crossing the lines of sanity.
  13. WOW! Super awesome! How long did that take you to complete?
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