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  1. The Hyate getting var was my most hated plot point of the show. They set the rule that he should be as imune as Walkure because he has fold receptors, then he got it...... After doing the same with Messer. Best yet itt was utterly pointless Since the over boosting from Freyja being bad for his heath would have been a way better conflict. The reluctance to explain what the he'll was going on was the core of most of the problems there were so very many things teased and teased and after they finally did a reveal we all went ".....and..... Go on..... That's all? ...... Really!". That's Why I have some hope they could do it right in two, two hour movies they wouldn't have time to faf about pointlesly. I still have some shred of optimism left damn it! ;p
  2. Mehh the dancing was the best mecha stuff in the series. Why they didn't focus any in the fact that Hyate was a var immune melee specialist (which is fricken perfect as a bodyguard) as the only reason they put up with his bullshit I will never understand. Movies would be good. There is a good story in delta they just put it together upside down and inside out.
  3. Ehhh Frontier characters making a reaperance isn't that far fetched. Mostly because Freyja and Heinz will both probably be dead in under a year ( her let me enjoy what little time I have left line to Mirage tells me she might be on the same timeframe as Cassim after his suden onse calcification) which would really make it a new story. Pluss this would be the first sequel of this nature so cold rules may not apply. I can kinda see Alto and Sheryl joining. Sheryl was at a bit of loose ends and could have gotten a contract with Chaos since entertainment/ comunications are their main thing. If her and Alto stayed together then he would probably get hired as her head of security. He'll they could have a kid or two in the range of Chuck's siblings. Remember Sheryl would be older than all other members of Walkure and I can totally see her going all mama bear. As for Alto... well I can see Ahead and/or Johnson getting canned as scapegoats for some of the more questionable things that went on (Reina's indentured servitude, and the clone rights abuses of Mikumo in addition to the military situation.). Alto would make a good replacement since he has a personality that would clash with most of the Delta cast. Damn. Ok after writing it out Alto in command of Chaos security forces in the cluster with Johnson still in command of the Ellison sounds awsome. Made all the better by the fact that unless I'm mistaken Bouge would be the white knight. Start with Windamere accepting terms of surrender to the rest of the cluster then introduce a new threat that everyone has to deal with. Like ohhh I don't know have that Megaroad project work which brings back that fleet and the supervision army grand fleet that fell into the same dimensional trap that they did.
  4. You wish. I do to,but Mirrage was a teritery character who just happened to steal every scene in which she did something. While I don't need to see a history of what happened to the megaroad I would love to see it show back up now.
  5. Well if you consider the time frame that was right around the time the events of Frontier were wrapping up. So I assume ( because it actually would be kinda neat) that they figured out that the Sight Valens was a key to the protoculture version of the Galaxy plan built as a last resort antie Protodelvin weapon. The loggical reation to that being all sorts of nope the rece of emotional children do not get the keys to a galactic doomsday weapon.
  6. Honestly my favorit part about the 31 was that the Kirios looked really good as a more standard ride. Paint jobs are enough for ace customs. Super and armor pack's make having diferent rides silly.
  7. Dynamite 7 in which Basara is one of the more reasonable characters......
  8. You don't need to reach orbital speed to leave the atmosphere. Orbital speed is fast enough to stay orbiting around the planet. If your going to keep going all you need is to accelerate faster than gravity. The real issue of folding in then making planetfall would be the fact that planets are moving hella fast and your somehow have to equalize to their orbital velocities.
  9. Well how fast does a VF have to enter the atmosphere? They never have to be at orbital velocities since when entering and exiting atmosheres they tend to keep going not try to maintain a stable orbit. So is there any reason a VF couldn't enter an atmospere at any speed they want?
  10. I'd have to rewatch the episode but I think Mike mentions it in conjunction with a high altitude drop. Its weird IBO is one of the most grounded find an in a while while delta goes full newtype nakeed space flying.
  11. My theory is that the star singer, sigurevalens ,structures combo was a last ditch kamakazi anti protodelven, supervision army super weapon they were relived to not to have to use. You know since using it would effectively be mass suicide to birth a new God.
  12. Ehh it wasn't a bad episode good on it's own even. As a series finale it wasn't particularly good but after the mess of the second half it was probably as good as you could do.
  13. But the middle aged one won. Freja is effectively the oldest non windemeran member of the cast.
  14. The 31 feels under gunned. It's not. It's forearm guns are basicly gunpods and it has that big old beam cannon, and it doesn't have terrible missile capacity. We just haven't got to see them get to cut loose. They've always been pitted against people they were trying to save or elites in purpose built dogfighters.
  15. Boyz dat juz bout sounds loik yuz tink dat we gotz nuff dakka?!? Der ain't no ach ting as nuff DAKKA!!!!!
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