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  1. fortynickel

    Hi-Metal R

    I greatly appreciate your insight. My knowledge of plastics and modeling is extremely limited (and by limited, I mean almost nonexistent) so your post is really helpful. I am constantly in awe while admiring the work people share on this message board and am usually a bit intimidated to post so I thank you for your response.
  2. fortynickel

    Hi-Metal R

    I recently picked up a Hi Metal VF-1J and I am amazed how it feels completely different from my HMR valks. The HM is a floppy mess and the backpack is splitting because it isn’t glued well. I didn’t know they varied so different quality-wise. Sorry, I know it is old news to everyone else but it was new to me. Can anyone please recommend me the best glue to use because superglue doesn’t seem to be holding that well. Thanks.
  3. You make good points. I am just making conjectures on why the people in charge would make the decisions that they did. I just figured that the types of stories I grew up watching are no longer vogue. I knew that the new Star Trek shows were unpopular but I did not know they had performed that poorly.
  4. Your criticism is on point but I believe that the audience has changed. I think the new Trek shows are trying get more younger viewers by having a less involved plot but still try to appeal to OG Trekkies by having characters such as Picard, Riker, Pike and Spock. TNG had decent ratings but the studio executives were always trying to find a way to make it more mainstream. I don’t know if a TNG or DS9-type show would be able to net the kind of ratings that the studio require to stay viable.
  5. fortynickel

    Hi-Metal R

    I like the 1/48s because they are beautiful toys. Fun to transform but more solid without the Super Parts. The 1/60 V2s are definitely better in terms of sculpt, proportions, and are solid in every mode though. But I am usually a little more hesitant to transform them back and forth.
  6. That is a quite a list. That 1/60 Monster would be epic!
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