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  1. Seto beased on summary of Movie 2, I think I get villain motivation.



    If you talk about Cromwell's motivation on deregulating AI and Cybernatic regulation was most likely to strengthen his homeworld military forces as after his proposal was rejected, his homeworld was attacked and destroyed by enemy forces. His home-world military is most likely undermanned and heavily rely on AI unmanned fighter like Ghost which uses regular AI chips in Macross Frontier Ghost without Judah system. In which many new VF and other factions like Vajra easily destroyed them. That most likely Cromwell wants to deregulate it to better defense his under maned and unmanned military forces. Unfortunately, he was quite short-sighted on realized the danger of unregulated AI and Cybernatic research and did not learn lesson from the Sharon Apple incident and Macross Galaxy Conspiracy


    As for his motivation on revenge on Lad M, well his HOME world gets destroyed right after his proposal get rejected, of course, he swore misguided revenge and went into full conspiracy theory, putting 2 and 2 to get 5 so that Lady M has always been there and working against him isn't too big a leap. People like Cromwell filled with vengeance tend to be illogical, extremely short-sighted, increasingly selfish,  Irrational, Mis-blaming, Scapegoating, become dumber, Very unreasonable, UNABLE to see reason and Big picture, revenge and moral myopia and full of hypocrisy.

    The best example for Cromwell type person in other fiction like Sasuke, Shinn Asuka from Gundam Seed Destiny, Enishi from Samurai X, Thorfinn from Vinland Saga and Seryu Ubiquitous from Akame ga Kill. Cromwell is essentially NUNS version of Gramia tv series version.


  2. 6 hours ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Given how little sense it makes, I strongly suspect that the antagonist's motive is being distorted somewhat in these spoiler posts...


    It seems that you did not get it. Let me give an example of Cromwell's goal such as 1 General wanted to completely deregulate or unbanned Bio, Nuclear and chemical weapon research in the military, or other weapon restrictions such as using animal hunting bullets in the military as he thinks he wants to create a better weapon to defend the country.

    Another example is a CEO or doctor in the medical industry who wanted to abolish FDA and Food so he can develop medicine faster without safety oversight and unrestricted like give out vaccines straight away without proper testing because he thinks regulations take too long to approve and too restrictive.



    1 hour ago, darkranger12 said:
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    Wright's friend doesn't seem to have had the Windermerean government's approval to give those relics to Lady M, so she's still guilty of receiving stolen cultural relics.

    Not to mention her decision to try and illegally clone a Star Singer ultimately nearly condemned the entire galaxy to mind control.

    Even if she means well, she's demonstrably and objectively a criminal.


    Well at that time of theft, the Windermere independence war still going on and despite Wright's effort, a rogue agent ALREADY stole an incomplete Star Singer cell in the temple. Johan realize asking the new Windermere government will take too long as war still going on and fearing theft will do it again or will successfully clone Star singer in the future (Siren System), Johan entrusted complete Star singer cell to Wright and Lady M  to prevent theft again and as a counter to whomever behind theft (Eplison Foundation). And Johan knows Lady M has resources to do it.

    Also, Wright's mission from Lady M was just to stop the theft of Star Singer cell which partially fail. Wright obtaining the complete Star Singer cell was just a gift entrusted from Johan to counter the culprit behind the theft aka Eplison Foundation. Also Johan is high priest and owner or highest authority in temple and anything in it. So It doesn't count as stealing if owner give item to you.

    I say Eplison Foundation is another true villain in Delta as they supply weapons to Windermere and behind the theft of Star singer cell. And make use of Heimdall Organization and Cromwell narrow-minded revenge quest to test their new weapon system aka illegal Siren system And in the end its right decision to create Mikumo as Walkure no way beat Siren system even with Frejya and most likely Frejya will die faster without Mikumo Also Mikumo help save a  lot of people from Vars syndrome throughout movie.



  3. 12 hours ago, Seto Kaiba said:
    13 hours ago, charles88 said:
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    Based what Seto says about AI and Cybernetic research in NUNS, Most likely Cromwell wants to lessen regulation or completely deregulate AI and Cybernetic/Cyborg research. What do you guys think what will happen in future of Macross verse if Cromwell got what he wanted other than possible his homeworld being saved ?


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    That's where Cromwell and co.'s motive doesn't make sense...

    Prior to Absolute Live!!!!!! there was no indication that there was any kind of preemptive restrictions or deliberate efforts to curtail the development of AI and cybernetics.  The few restrictions ever mentioned were ones imposed in the wake of situations where new technology had Gone Horribly Wrong in the public forum like ban on self-aware virtuoids and restrictions imposed on fully-autonomous unmanned fighters in the wake of the Sharon Apple Incident.  It's not like having a fully-autonomous AI would make the AIF-7 or previous models of Ghost that much better... it would just let them prioritize targets faster without a human controller having to OK target parameters.



    Err Cromwell wanted to completely deregulate AI and Cybernetic research into military which means no oversight and no restriction at all  which means some illegal AI chip and implant will become legal if Cromwell have his way


    Like Red wolf says, Cromwell is a frakking Conspiracy Theorist that thinks Lady M is the NUNG deep state blaming her for blocking AI and cybernetics progression when there is evidence contrary to his theory.

    The Bio-Neural chip was banned or at least restricted as it tends to make AI prioritize self-preservation. It's like KARR in Knight Rider. Then Sharon Apple happened. Military AI that is sapient is illegal. However civilian AI such Cyberoids are legal. They do use AI but not sapient for military applications. Besides Sharon Apple there is Manfred Brando who died in VF-X2 but uploaded himself as an AI. He was part of the Macross Galaxy conspiracy. In a Macross Frontier drama CD Lufa created AI based on the personality of his friends yet they are stable. NUNS and SMS uses AI but they are shackled as they are not stupid.

    As for cybernetics it is legal as certain characters like Jan Neumann and Aisha Blanchet have them but it is in certain states like Frontier where it is banned. It is less about putting down progress but discouraging espionage and human rights violations that Macross Galaxy. Plus cybernetic implants can be a backdoor for mind control.

    So I think Lady M is less the one secretly in control of the galaxy but is a Think Tank stuck in a Fold Fault. Time is relatively different there that perhaps it is receiving and sending data that breaks causality.


    Some people jump to conclusion  that Megaroad 01 aka Lady M is villain which is NOT as Delta movie 2 the one behind Star Singer cell theft was rogue NUNS agent hired by Eplison Foundation. The Reason that Xaos and Lady M Star Singer clone aka Mikumo BECAUSE Wright , Special NUNS agent employed by Lady M stop further theft from NUNS rogue agent and Johan, Wright best friend and high priest decided to GIVE complete Star Singer to Wright as he trusted Wright and Lady M will make good use of the cell for benefit of all people and prevent Rogue agent steal again. That why Star singer in Siren system have to mix with cyborg and AI similar to Sharon Apple as Star singer they stole were incomplete.


    To make more clearly, Lady M /Megaroad 1 did not become villain and Delta movie 2 debunked it,


  4. Spoiler

    Based what Seto says about AI and Cybernetic research in NUNS, Most likely Cromwell wants to lessen regulation or completely deregulate AI and Cybernetic/Cyborg research. What do you guys think what will happen in future of Macross verse if Cromwell got what he wanted other than possible his homeworld being saved ?


  5. 18 hours ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Cromwell's goal doesn't really make sense in the greater context of Macross, though...

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    ... because there's never really been any indication of any kind of restraint on technological progress.

    The only times that new technology has been presented as not ready for prime time, it's been for strictly practical reasons.  The YF-21's BCS being an immature technology that didn't meet reliability and fail-safe requirements.  The illegal bio-neural chip that caused Sharon Apple's rampage on Earth was banned precisely because it had a track record of causing "crazy AI" behavior because of its self-preservation instincts.  The original (2040s) YF-24's ISC and linear actuators just weren't up to the jobs they'd been asked to do and needed more development to reach the required levels of performance.  The reason given for many emigrant fleets having banned cybernetics had nothing to do with the technology itself, and everything to do with how biomass was recycled aboard ship when someone died.

    Even the Sharon Apple incident didn't stop unmanned fighters from effectively becoming the next main fighter... the AIF-7 Ghost still became the de facto main fighter and some governments adopted all-Ghost air forces.  They were just using AIs that were semi-autonomous rather than the unrestrained, fully autonomous model designed for maximum unpredictability



    I think Cromwell wanted to do was to lessen regulation or completely deregulate on AI and Cybernetic research to accelerate advancement of AI and cybernetic technology to strengthen Unnamed weapon .

    However in Macross verse already show EVEN with already strict regulation on AI and cybernetic research, there 2 huge incident happen related to what Cromwell wanted to deregulate: Sharon Apple incident and Macross Galaxy atrocity and conspiracy. Just imagine what happen if Cromwell got his way to deregulate AI and cybernetic research, I cant imagine the repeat of 2 incident or possibly even worse incident.


  6. 7 minutes ago, darkranger12 said:
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    Cromwell used to be with the NUNs and pushed for the use of more technology like AIs and cyborg stuff, but that tech was always quashed by Lady M. He ended up losing his home planet and all of his comrades in some battle and blames Lady M and her anti-technology stance for it, and wants revenge.

    He's accompanied by a guy from Epsilon who previously stole star singer cells from Windermere and combined the results of using experimenting with them with a Sharon Apple type AI resulting in a thing called "Seiren" which is a super AI that can also sing harder than real singers that they have on their ship.

    Lady M is actually "Lady Megaroad 1". Nobody actually knows who she really is aside from that she's someone on the Megaroad 1, which is stuck in a dimensional fault.

    Heimdall's objective is to open a super fold gate to the Megaroad 1 and destroy it and free technological progress from Lady M (also revenge from Cromwell).

    Spoiler from 4chan....

    So if this information is true, I can kinda see why Cromwell wants revenge on lady M.  But its sorta like Frontier when Grace wanted to people to be borged and use the varja network. 

    In my mind cybernetics, like prostetic arms are fine but full cyborg prostetics linked up to a hive mind is a bit sketchy.  But couldn't they just negotiate some sort of deal with lady M to ease up on tech? Rather than just destroy it.


    Well , Lady M actually make right decision on  slowing Cyborg and AI development because

    AI: Sharon Apple incident

    Cyborg: Macross Galaxy conspiracy

    Both in common was they can mind control people like Brera get mind controlled by Galaxy conspirator thanks to his cyborg body. And not to mention Sharon Apple incident.


  7. I think you misunderstood what Ledakan43 says, he mention that VF-31 are more like mass produced unit,not AX

    He already explain in the movie where 


     VF-31AX for sure wins against YF-29 is the firepower, since it is much more expandable and compatible with all matter of Ghosts and equipment. It has the new panoramic cockpit that the SV-262 had even without implants and with the Fold reheat system or whatever that is, Hayate did some impressive stuff. Basically Freyja singing, burning her life + Hayate going Seed mode(didn't go Var like in the series) + huge quartz in the 31AX made him see things in slowmo and that performed better than Alto in the 29 I think. Also we see a lot of cuts where the 31AX gets shot and have explosions here and there, but it's still mostly ok, so it is tankier than the YF-29 for sure.


    Then how you explain that Siefgried get stomp by Sv-303 yet VF-31 AX able to match Sv-303?



    Did Mirage have good relation with her grandfather?


  8. 1 hour ago, Gendo Koun said:

    Just wonder

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    How the heck that a faction like Heimdall can actually has a Batte-class Macross that only made by UNG and NUNS for massive immigrant's fleets ? Notice that the Battle-class Macross do co-provide energy for Islands. Since contracted military services like SMS and Xaos can only afford smaller Macross class Battleship due to it cost and somewhat another reason like the corporations will be restricted by the laws.

    NUNS must has involve in this mess ;\

    Correct me if im wrong guys, this is just my own theories


    Well In movie summary, Eplison Foundation the one who sponsor and supply all weapon including Siren system to  Heimdall Organisation. Same organisations that provide Sv-262 to Windermere.


  9. 1 hour ago, Dressykamila1 said:

    I wonder if someone from the USA releases this film, will Japanese editions have English subtitles?

    Well after whole Harmony Gold deal with Big west, this going to be biggest test that if Macross sequal Finally able to being distribute internationally 


    Speaking of Delta movie 2


    I guess becoming flight instructor becoming too boring for Max as he came out of his retirement and command Macross ship again with his trusty right-hand man Exodol. And he still piloting VF.


  10. Its seems that VF-31 AX has become contender for title strongest VF for reason of 



    After their VF gets destroyed by Sv-303, Max managed to rescue Xaos and move to their hideout, turn out that their hideout has extremely rich with Fold Quartz,. With that Makina decided to use a LOT of Fold Quartz to modified the hell out of VF-31 to match Sv-303 capability. It shows that it matches YF-29 capability during training with Max


  11. 20 minutes ago, Dressykamila1 said:

    we will probably wait 5-6 months for the DVD versions, right?

    Unless Big West keep to their promise to screen internationally after whole Harmony Gold deal thing then we got  to watch movie earlier in cinema.

    Seto , i think your bias has clouded your judgement toward Delta movie 2 (to the point you think that that obviously corrupt  happy trigger WMD NUNS officer are good guy.) The movie haven't out in US yet so please reserved your judgement on it. Even threader says Delta movie 2 are very well received.

    Also we cant really trust outside material as recent Frontier short movie contradict magazine material concerning Sheryl and Alto fate after Frontier movie 2.

    Also if there no communication at all, how Lady M able to communicate with Xaos and sponsor them.

    I read that they trap dimensional Fault that constant shifting which why they end up in Windermere when they supposed went missing in center of Milky Way.


  12. Like I say NUNS only able to communicate with them only but they did not know WHERE Lady M Locations is. Don t make assumption that NUNS knew where Lady M location is and cover up as Heimdall just found where Lady M is and they have to use latest technology to do it.

    Also that Roid saying , in which he cannot be trusted. I already explain on Delta movie 2 where Johan, Wright best friend and high priest explain what really happen.

  13. Err I think you got some of your assumption on Lady M wrong such as:-


    1. NUNS did not cover up Megaroad 1 location as Megaroad 1 can only give communication only to NUNS as they trap in dimensional fault and NUNS unable to pinpoint the exact location on where Megaroad 1 trap. It's only recently that Heimdall just found Megaroad 1 location and they have to use the most advanced Fold Quartz sensor technology and their own star singer clone to pinpoint the exact location of Megaroad 1 and pull it out from dimensional fault

    2. In the movie Lady M DID NOT order of theft of Star singer cell, it was the rogue NUNS agent who did it, Wright and his Windermere friend Johan who happen to be a high priest fought the thief and recover the cell. Realize the danger of the rogue element try it again priest gives complete cell to Wright to which then give to Xaos and Lady M as he trusted them to make good use of Star singer.

    3. Well Lady M did call Max to help Xaos after all

    4. That NUNS in series plan to use Fusion bomb to blow up temple which did connect to the planet core and didn't even bother on talking about evacuation. Lady M has to step in to delay the deployment of WMD, not an evacuation. Turn out the bomb did not even work and only reveal the hidden structure of the ruin which corrupt NUNS officer's true goal all along.



  14. I read review, reviewer say Delta Movie 2 are as good as Frontier Movie 2 whom consider as one of best Macross movie.

    The way you write as if you salty that you always villfied Lady M and now you found out their true identity.

    No wonder Max helping Xaos ASAP the moment he found out Heimdall plan to destroy Lady M

    Well Delta Movie 2 has just answered decade long question that Macross fan has been asking


    Where Megaroad 1? Answer: Lady M


  15. Well if spoiler are true, then congratualtion Seto, you insulted and demonise Lady M aka



    Megaroad 01 aka most of cast of First Macross cast like Misa, Hikaru and Minmay. And years of question we finally found answered and recently you demonise them, calling them true villain of entire Macross verse



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