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  1. Well at this point we don't know if the Song of the Wind itself is what causes the special effect or it's the lineage of the singer. If it's the singer, then puperty might not have an effect. If it's the song and how it's sung then yes, getting a pitch change wouldn't be good.
  2. Got a negative vote from me for continuing the bad writting and straight pandering with the Mega Road 1 reference. As others have said, Berger straight contridicts himself about Lady M founding Xaos and the transmission after the Vajra war. Honestly, if this was "good" writing it's to indicate his full of lies. Beyond that it feels like Epsilon has been leading Xaos by the balls the whole time and honestly, keep them retards around to deflect all of their shady deals. In a weird way it seems like they're poised to win regardless of the out come. Hell at this point I'd be way more intresting in a side story about Epsilon making the whole Starwind Sector look like fools. Everything was throw away plot cliches with the minor revolation that Wright was actually spy (attached to what NUNS org?) being an ok plot point. For the offical record I place Delta on the a rung below Zero. Both had cool concepts but Zero actually had tighter writing some how :/
  3. on a side note I want to know more about the Windermere flight/flying suits. At first glance they look like glide suits but given their obession with the wind I wonder if they could "flap their wings" to gain altitude.
  4. Very meh episode. I still question why they're trying to do a stealth based "Song" attack even though they won't have their fold applification equipment. It "MIGHT" have worked if the enemy didn't know they already made it on planet. That's the point of stealth! I do agree it looks like the leadership have been using Wright as a propaganda piece even though he might have done something for them. Just lack luster writing over all and i'm sure we'll see a brain washed Mikumo in the finally rehashing the need for song power to restablish friendship and all that.
  5. Ultimately it boils down to bad writing and direction. The combat action shows there's a lack of creativity in choregraphy direction. Writing wise its obvious that there was probably a lack of direction in trying to create believable motivation that would result in credible action. Example, Makina and Reina. There's been enough scenes where one or the other is in life threating danger that would give a reason to booster their song power but that trope is never used... so why even have them sing on the battlefield other than to be potential targets? Combat, honestly the last "creative" battle choregraphy we saw was the astroid battle where they were using the surfaces to convserve fuel. Post that it's all been scissor in the sky. Now M+ broke this up by combining low and high altitude fighting even to the point of using ground terrian. Honestly, Delta platoon might have benefited more from this tactic. That being said it would have costed more from an animation perspective to introduce more transformations and ground related combat. That being said, I wonder how hard it would have been to take some of MF VF25 combat animations and apply them to the VF31. Shortcut? yes but breaking up the action types would have been worth it.
  6. I'm wondering about the market price for Fold Quartz. From the Windemere perspective they're probably selling portions of it to Epsilon to fund their war chest. FQs are the hottest commodity in the galaxy at the moment and securing it from a backwater planet where no other major corps have a steak is a boon for them. Hell I wouldn't find it surprising if they funded the war of Independence too. Have FQ not subject to NUNS export restrictions would allow them to freely pursue their own development without regulations. Going further, the "price" they're paying its probably a pittance in the great scheme (a few squadrons of SVs and carrier ships). The whole cluster seems like a hot bed for field test and PC research. Honestly, a move like that is exactly what General Galaxy would need after the loss of the Galaxy Fleet to stay competitive on a galactic scale.
  7. It makes you think about the phase "I can't feel your rune." That Keith kept telling Roid. Their society seems kind of "repressed". You have examples of Herman scolding Bogue about "this rune is showing" when he's excited about seeing Frejya but at the same time they're ok with them going off while in battle. Pure conjecture but could it be they're only ok with "showing the rune" when they are fighting or only with their special someone? That's kind of a jacked up relationship between violence and love/lust.
  8. In a way this Winderemere war has been a fantastic piece of field marketing for Eplison. It's showing that it can stand toe toe with the latest 5th generation models (no need to disclose the pilots are using space wall hax ). I'm a still a little confused on the use of ISC. Is that the system that keeps the pilots from turning into mush from G Forces or is it more of a structual integrity system? Hows does it's 30+G rating compare to the VF-31?
  9. Well that's a great point for clones that were created for the purposed of filling the skill gap. How much autonomoy do they get after they're "born"? I mean it would not be cost effective to make a clone to be a mechanic if he decides to quit after a year to follow his dream of being the best bartender in the galaxy.
  10. I'm kind of hazy on this but how are the uncultured Zentradi trained in their war function? I was always under the impression there was some tech in the cloning process that implanted the skills into them. But thinking deeper on it doesn't make sense. I'm completely wrong on this or is there some obscure tech that was described outside of the animes.
  11. Finally watched the sub ep. It wasn't nearly as bad as the thread made it out to be. Honestly it's only flaw is that it ocurred so late in the cour. The more i see of Delta the more like 7 in excecution it feels. Theres a lot of poor editing choices and story boarding that hurts the over all execution. I think the series could flow together much better with a fan edit to reogranize the various scenes and spread out the action.
  12. I don't think there's any doubt for long time macross fans that Delta is squarely on the M7 of the "seriousness" spectrum.
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