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  1. I missed this one with the Yamato release, so pre order placed with HLJ just now, not going to miss this one.
  2. Payment request received from HLJ and money is on its way to them!!! Now feeling poorer lol..
  3. PM sent, my own silly fault though for not ordering enough, why does buying Macross stuff make one so giddy LOL....
  4. I just wanted to thank the ChaoticYeti himself for all his help with my order and the great stands to boot, they arrived last week but only opened the box yesterday, they are pretty damn cool! I did however forget to order some adapters so time to save up again and put in another order in the not too distant future. Cheers!
  5. Yep, just got shipping notice as well from CD Japan!
  6. Hmm.. mine is showing "In Shipping Process" from CD Japan.....
  7. Les hope they release some fast packs etc for the existing VF1 releases...
  8. Looks like its now sold out at HLJ....
  9. Just got my HLJ payment request moments ago LOL!
  10. As far as we know is the product release date still end of May start of June?
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