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    Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    I can say only one thing - "Sv-262 Draken III" one of the most beautiful and elegant war machines in the "Macross" universe ... And some details about this miracle - the secrets of transformation!
  2. I, in these parts, often repeated assertion that the poor planetary colonies and expeditionary fleets can not afford to have a good military equipment and, at best, they get a monkey model of Space-UN. However, in the "Frontier", and now in the "Delta" demonstrates a completely different situation - military units of private military organization "Chaos" and the Knights of the border of the world have the latest fighting machines. However, regular troops NUNS do not even have to "VF-171EX Super Nightmare Plus" arms, not to mention the aircraft from VF-24 family. Strangely it all ...
  3. By the way, for all the past episodes of "Delta", variational fighters "SV-262 Draken III" never used "energy shields", but actively used holographic interference... It turns out that the "Knights" does not possess the "barrier" technology? But why?
  4. Interesting, but then the question arises as to the basis of the "stolen" technologies Anti-UN force able to develop a variational mecha almost faster than the United Nations? Incidentally, the "Macross" since crashed to Earth in 1980 on some island, right? But at that time there was a "Cold War" and when the island was under the control of the United States and / or their allies, Russia could not gain access to alien technology, regardless of the fact that the UN speaks of "international cooperation" ...
  5. http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/crossoverrp/images/5/5d/SV-51.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150715003649 I have a question for the "theft of technology", or rather confusion around it. On the "Macross Mecha Manual" is written that "Armed with OverTechnology illicitly obtained from the U.N.G.'s military programs, the A.U.N. developed their own variable fighter designated the SV-51." But in the Anti-UN pilots dialogue set out opposite version: "284 00: 23: 44.468 -> 00: 23: 46.219 The new fighter UN forces ... 285 00: 23: 46.720 -> 00: 23: 50.557 This is just a modification of the system, which they stole from us. 286 00: 23: 51.016 -> 00: 23: 52.309 It is not an obstacle to us. 287 00: 23: 53.143 -> 00: 23: 56.521 According to the Joint Institute, they did not kidnap her. 288 00: 23: 57.189 -> 00: 23: 59.649 All technologies must meet the needs of national relations ... 289 00: 23: 59.858 -> 00: 24: 02.444 And be open to the public. 290 00: 24: 04.529 -> 00: 24: 08.408 If they believe in this nonsense, then you must show it to them. " So who, in the end, right?
  6. It was cool! New technical equipment for the VF-31 planes and units "Alpha" and "Gamma" in the battle ... An impressive battle between "chaos" and "Knights of the Wind", which Hayate spectacularly saved both her girlfriends ... Superbly opened mutual relations and motivation of characters, and thank God that there were no whining ... I mean, post-traumatic stress syndrome and other pacifism ... Convincingly demonstrated the causes of "haste" in the subjects of the Kingdom of the Wind ... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By the way, where is the downright, religious attitude is to "wind" and not the "five elements" such as shamanism? And unlike that windemer are descendants of birds ... So what could be the reason?
  7. Well, a new episode has provided answers to some questions in the field of geography and history, which is partly clarified the causes and extent of the conflict ... In addition, we have demonstrated a new, and more specifically the old technologies that have passed their alternative way of development ... But most importantly, we have shown in detail the characters, thereby revealing their identity ... Very good episode
  8. Yeah, that's what I had in mind - even if these "Knights of the Wind" it is possible to use a "syndrome", in the long term it has little capacity ...In the end, this phenomenon "Valkyrie" may have to fight, and that is when, for example, the impact of their songs will be broadcast over long distances and the area? Luxurious, but small units unable to cope with a large and a professional army...They can not be so stupid, that would not be understood http://macross2.net/m3/macrossplus/yf-21/yf-21-transformation1.gif http://macross2.net/m3/macrossplus/yf-21/yf-21-transformation2.gif http://macross2.net/m3/macross7/vf-17d-nightmare/vf-17d-transformation.gif In any case, it is much easier than VF-19 or VF-24 family, not to mention such models as the VF-9 and VF-14... In the classical scheme of the machine body (in transformation mode "fighter") break in two along the central transverse axis so that the back half of the motors and the fins, which form the arms and legs in the modes "gerwalk" and "battroid", tilted downwardly and rearwardly, and the front, with the cockpit blister - down and forward, turning nose cone to the ground. From the center of the body extends head c anti-aircraft gun. An interesting detail: at the VF-1 anti-aircraft laser turret in aircraft configuration located under the floor and was sent forward, but all later "Valkyrie", "classic" scheme starting with VF-11, and then she was on the top and "looks" back. However, the VF-21 fixed head forms the middle part of the body, located behind the cab. Almost similarly, too, in principle, the "classic" is modified and gorgeous "invisible" fighterVF-17S / D Nightmare, but his transformation center as compared to the VF-21 significantly shifted to the fore and is still stationary section just with the cockpit (of which the top extends and takes place on the one hundred and eighty degrees - facing forward - the head with a pair or chevёrkoy guns), and down recline only nose fairing, opening strongly protruding from his chest formed "battroida" cylindrical section with hidden inside place the pilot and embedded in it at the sides by two powerful infrared (thermal) laser with a short, thick trunks ... As you can see from these examples, even on the basis of a simple circuit, you can create a variety of interesting and reliable option
  9. An interesting and beautiful episode in which we learn that: 1) Freyja and her compatriots live about 30 years 2) In addition to Ragna in this sector of space, there are several colonies UNS 3) how the looks of transformation from the SV-262 It is not clear why and what "The Kingdom of the Wind" has declared war on the "United Nations," because it is clearly inferior in resources and population, and it is unlikely that it has a technological advantage? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S. I can not understand why over time the designers "Valkyries" is increasingly trying to use more and more ornate and complex variants of transformation? After all, it only leads to complexity and high cost of production ... What's wrong with a simple classical scheme and its variations like the YF-21 and VF-171, well, or "alternative" VF-2SS Valkyrie II?
  10. The third episode turned out excellent! - The characters are revealed, landscape striking beauty - Animals cute beyond belief - The relationship between the Mirage / Hayate / Freya developing very interesting - Dogfight over and over throughout the magnificence demonstrated tremendous opportunities "Valkyrie" fighters In general, a lot of positive emotions
  11. Well, the fact is that in this "record" is about transformable tanks in the "UN Spacy" army and only
  12. By the way, is it possible to share zntradi into separate sub-race? I mean - if the skin color that is pale, dark-skinned and green; if the shape of ears, almost human, and there are elven, etc ...
  13. 5) Civic models http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b95/dandaman61/E7MAHQ/New%20Wave/streetfighter1v.jpg~original http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b95/dandaman61/E7MAHQ/New%20Wave/streetfighter1.jpg http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b95/dandaman61/E7MAHQ/New%20Wave/hurricaneboav.jpg~original http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b95/dandaman61/E7MAHQ/New%20Wave/hurricaneboa.jpg~original The successes of robotics in the military sphere, determined the promotion of "variational mecha" in the civilian sector. At first, it was only about the use of refurbished VT firefighters and rescuers, but later widely used civil engineering "Hardworking", and then the immense popularity gained sports models involved in the race for survival and gladiator fights. For special category include homemade VT made by enthusiasts for original designs .... Well, ladies and gentlemen, all for today. In the next lecture, I will tell you about the features of the combat employment of "variational tanks" ...
  14. 4) 2050s / Currently Urbanization colonized planets and the emergence of "space city" in a new class of ships "Macross" has led to the need for combat vehicles are not capable of causing considerable damage to environment. http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b95/dandaman61/E7MAHQ/New%20Vision/505_Sturgeonv.jpg~original http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b95/dandaman61/E7MAHQ/New%20Vision/505_Sturgeon.jpg~original What requirements have led to the development of a new generation of "variational tanks" adapted for close combat. New body structure has provided a wide range of movement, the standardization of the protection system on the basis of "point barrier" gave a powerful defense, in addition to the classic weapons and shields, as well as supporting "pack" "VT-45 Ymir" is equipped with a boomerang shaped blades fit for both melee and for throwing, a plus to this on his hands installed power knuckles. In general, the VT is designed for rapid onset and the imposition of a fight at close range, but do not regard it as highly specialized. On the contrary, he retained all of the best combat and technical capabilities of its predecessors, adding to them the melee, in addition, for it developed a unique system of "surfer", allowing yourself to descend into the atmosphere of planets. The approach to the development of the new machine in the spirit of "hero-defender" and led to a new design in the style of tech-knight.
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