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  1. Pretty much Walkure origin story. The same year Chaos had Thrones it created another idol team. It had five members. Kaname was supposed to be a manager but became a member. 11 year old loner Reina is boxed hacker. Makina was a mechanic who wants to be an idol. Training would've made Colonel Burton proud. One girl quit at the beginning. A year later as they are deployed to quell the Var in the cluster it doesn't out like Jamming Birds. They get named Walkure. It was Makina's idea for the idol thing. Eventually they started having moderate success. Arad met Kaname saving her. He was flying a VF-31 Kairos. On Alfaheim Kaname spots Messer. Messer later joins what would be Delta Platoon. The other girl quits. Later they are joined by Mikumo who didn't join by audition. Singing on their first meeting.

    Mikumo releases the team and she talks to them. They are concerned about her well being.

    Meanwhile on the Windermere side they make a test on Al Shahal's citizens. Heinz collapses from the strain and the entire population falls on a coma. Keith suspicious interrupts Heinz's doctor treating him. Discovering that Heinz is dying wit the white marks on his body. Roid monologues that the Song of Wind is also a cursed song. Keith confronts him on what is happening.

    Post Ed Berger talks with Roid about the mind control. Roid terminates the link after. On the Shrine of Time wondering who Mikumo is. The room lights up and info comes to him from a speck. Revealing some mechanisms and a mural of what looks like a Protoculture idol.

    Walkure and Delta Platoon's next mission is on Alfaheim.

    Kind of called it with Arad being the pilot of the Kairos, dunno here or in FB. the screenshot of the next episode screenies was heavy.

    Alfheim... Messer's home. Combat time. finally

  2. The other knights have death flags over their heads since this show started. One of them will die of old age by the time the series ends if he doesn't die sooner.

    Bogue deserves to be humiliated. BADLY. Then his fate is in the hands of the Protoculture gods.

    On another note...

    Will someone tell Haya-Haya to stop trashing his planes?

    Messer's disappointed already for trashing his plane hahaha

  3. Hi,

    I am fron the Philippines, and have been a fan since the 90's when I saw Macross (as part of Robotech) then Macross Plus immediately after. Gotten stoked. Have also been a lurker member in the early 2000s in the old site.

    I've mostly gotten Macross video games for the PS One, PS2 and PSP (includes SRW). And from time to time, artbooks from ebay and my toys: a SD VF-25 and a YF-29 Percival. Though I'm more inclined to build some VFs out of Lego or trying to (prototyping)

  4. Since Messer's VF-31 didn't blow up on screen (yet), I wonder who'll pilot it? Hikaru did pilot the VF-1S in the original. And I wonder how the discussion's going to be when the support crew 'cleans it up'?

    Now, Chuck needs to do a Kakizaki.

    That they decided to kill off Messer at this point is may be a bit premature, after all Michael didn't buy the farm until the show was nearly 80% done. But I think the timing for Messer was good, it adds a little bit of emotional impact, and closes out one of the threads. Sadly, it'll probably relegate Kaname to a much smaller role in the future, but I can live with that. They need time to develop for the Windermere side anyway. But knocking off a couple of those Aerial knights would also help. (I think Herman and one of the evil twin brothers need to step up)

    I would like to have more grunts involved anyhow. Throw away Valks on both side.

    Somehow I think Keith is going to get done in by Hayate, not Arad. Now it would surprise me if Arad also kicked the bucket in this series. Then they would make this a little more Tomino like. The only thing that would exceed this is the killing off of some of the Walkure.

    Agreed, one more tribute! :p

    And yes, more grunt takedowns. Unless, the entire NUNs garrison in that sector have all ingested the combo of water and apple... would explain the lack of additional combat. Then again what are the other platoons of Chaos doing?

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