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  1. 22 hours ago, jenius said:

    Regarding the final Expanse episode:

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    Regarding the Expanse's last episode, everything with the raid on the rail guns was good but the Pella's fate was anticlimactic. Marco yelling "Veer off!" made no sense... he had no reason to expect anything. The battle of the fleets was built up to be spectacular but only sort of paid off. Still a great show and a good season but it felt like the tension was escaping when it should be ramping up with the Pella.


    That's literally how it goes in the book, to be fair.

  2. That's my sentiment. HLJ prices mean DHL is cheaper and half the advertised speed, let alone real speed. I'd started using them just before Covid hit and kept using them right through it. Absolutely amazing customer service whenever I've had questions or issues, too.

  3. On 12/31/2021 at 11:11 PM, Stampeed Valkyrie said:

    I was just reading an article on this..

    Because of her supposedly Transphobic comments..     Makes me laugh when common sense is now hate speach.. but alas clown world.


    Her TERF nonsense sure ain't "common sense" broham, but that clown world comment tells me all I need to know on that front.

  4. 1 hour ago, derex3592 said:

    This is my opinion on it as well. I definitely didn't hate it. WAY better than the 3rd one IMHO. I'll agree that the fight scenes were kinda the weakest part of the whole thing. 

    I desperately want them to fill in knowledge gaps.


    What happened to Zion (and New Zion from the MMO?), what caused the energy shortage that led to the civil war given the implication was most people were going to stay in the Matrix anyways because most wouldn't want to leave and Zion wasn't exactly flush with resources to take in more, and what happened in the civil war for that matter?  What happened to the Oracle and Architect? Did Techbro Toxic-Masc a-hole NPH have them deleted somehow? What's up with the sort of techno-organic look to the one hovership with the tail and all? Are those three ships the only ones Io has?


  5. 8 hours ago, Wolf-1 said:

    Not really an Project Aces game; I recently found "Operation Wingman" on the Xbox Gamepass.  It's a K.O. Aces game however, from mission briefings, right on down to controls. 21 campaign missions and 20+ planes; currently only made it to mission 4 and still flying an F4 (first real unlock).  It does not have the "high G" turns, still adjusting for strafing runs.  Where it does go away from Project Aces, is in Special Weapons and available slots, one is not simply limited to one special weapon but up to four, all equipped through the directional layout.  Overall its a solid B so far, graphics aren't as good and the story is generic but the gameplay if extremely familiar and while energy bleeding hasn't become an issue in the campaign I can see how it would greatly affect the multiplayer aspect of  the game.  Worth a try, since it's free with Gamepass.

    Operation Wingman is an indie game loveletter to Ace Combat that has been on PC for a while and recently got ported to Xbox. Not a terribly high budget creation, but as I understand they did a very good job within the limits of what they could do.

  6. On 12/4/2021 at 4:43 PM, Scyla said:

    Is a P-Bandai release different than a TWE release?

    I want to understand why I can „easily“ order some MB Gundams that are exclusive releases and some don’t even show up at the shops that allow you to order these exclusive toys.

    Tamashii Web Exclusives (TWE) are bought from the Premium Bandai website, or P-Bandai. There's a US version of that website now which was what they were trying to show, and most places aren't going to be trying to do proxy orders for the US website, while the Japanese website already sold out and is starting a second run of orders due to the first selling out.

  7. 4 minutes ago, badboy00z said:

    Is the forearm guns bigger than the regular 31? In fighter mode it looks like it's sits lower.

    The VF-31AX series does have distinct changes from the VF-31, and the forearm guns are noticeably larger. The wing is noticeably thicker in general too. Those two combined would be why they sit lower.

  8. On 11/29/2021 at 4:17 AM, Captain Global said:

    One question, Is EMS getting more expensive? Recently placed an order in mandarake for a Yammie YF 19 and they  want to charge me 8100 for a 1220 gram package. It has nothing to do with the prices stated in their charts nor with the estimations I also made with buyee. Has anyone experienced something similar?


    On 11/29/2021 at 7:17 PM, Anasazi37 said:

    And EMS is more expensive in general these days, often higher than alternatives like FedEx, UPS, and DHL. It used to be very much the opposite. I think it's mostly because Japan Post has to contract with other organizations to get their EMS stuff shipped, which I think historically were commercial airlines, and there simply aren't as many passenger flights out of Japan right now. They're likely contracting with whomever they can find, and it's not cheap. Greater expense for them means higher prices for consumers....

    Correct! Not enough normal air travel for the old ways of getting mail around means they have to pay for space on dedicated flights. Which is why they added, like, a 40% "temporary" surcharge. Which may or may not ever disappear for all anyone knows.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Shukenzero said:

    Yeah all I see are people on Twitter and FB asking them about their money and items

    So many cries of taking forever to get items, or month+ waits for tickets to be responded to, etc. I barely used NY to begin with but ever since the horror stories started coming in I don't think I ever could bring myself to again. I'd rather just wait and troll Mandarake post-release rather than throw my money away at NY.

  10. 4 hours ago, Xigfrid said:

    They existed as a plastic recast of the originals, I bought a set on aliexpress. This is why no one has made it on shapeways. You could check if they are still available. If not, it would be the occasion to put a model on shapeways. Let me know.

    Looking at Aliexpress I'm seeing the KO of the VF-117 missile set much to my surprise, but nothing for the YF-19 and its pylons sadly.

  11. So just to check, having come from the DX Chogokin YF-19 thread, is there anyone with a Shapeways listing for DX Chogokin YF-19 missile pylons? I got my YF-19 today and want to share the arsenal love around my other compatible DX Chogokins (VF-31A, YF-29, Draken III, with other VF-31s to come) and was trying to find more of the pylons themselves since it only comes with 6 plus the 2 reaction missile racks. In specific these parts, the ones that physically attach to the wing and the missiles or missile racks plug into:image.png.ca54abe6fa286f8b57d0d86892e56aa9.png

    Checking Xigfrid's shop showed pylons like that but designed to interface with his missiles as opposed to for interfacing with the existing missiles.

  12. 1 hour ago, no3Ljm said:

    Got it. So the one you circled I think those can be fit with the VF-31 and the Draken. However, since you mentioned YF-29 on your original post, then that's something you need from Shapeways or anyone who done it before and glue it on the wings (YF-29's & VF-25's). The other way of doing it in case there's none of that available at Shapeways, try to reach out to @Xigfrid or anyone in the Ordnance thread who does 3D stuff and maybe they can do a quick file and send it to Shapeways. Or, you can recast those mounts with DIY Resins.


    Yeah, I know they can fit to both. Just a matter of having enough to go around and be a little ordinance fairy. I'll pop in over there and check.

  13. 41 minutes ago, no3Ljm said:

    It looks like DX YF-19's missiles and pylons can be fit to DX VF-31's and DX Drakens as per @jenius photos in his YF/VF-19 review.




    However, I can't remember if YF-29 have slots for pylons under its wings. Same goes for DX VF-25 Renewals. If you're looking for pylons to attach to, you can check @Xigfrid's Shapeway for DX Missiles and Pylons here: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/xigfrid3dshop?section=Missiles+and+Pylons+DX+compatible&s=0

    You can also check this thread for Missile/Ordnance for DX toys here: 


    Yeah, I knew from Jenius's reviews that the hardpoints work. Just a lot more missiles than hardpoints, so I was hoping to find hardpoint pylons that fit the YF-19's weapons, just the part that clips/pegs onto the wing and a missile or rack attaches to, to use more of the weapons across more aircraft rather than the 6 it comes with (and the dedicated reaction missile racks, I guess). I'd actually remembered Xigfrid's shop from before but it looks like he only has hardpoint pylons to fit his specific printed missiles, not generic ones as it were. Unless I've managed to miss something in looking around, which I'll admit could be the case.

    Uh, I guess to be more clear, these lil' guys in specific:image.png.c329ebfddefb02d8056a0c1a759125a3.png

  14. So did anyone else actually watch this and feel it was some sort of bizarre fever dream? To say nothing of LeBron Janes spending most of the movie being a complete, raging a-hole  to everyone, including their own family, but we're clearly supposed to root for them as a main character?

  15. The show is perfectly fine and clearly loves its history given all the highly specific, frequently deep and esoteric references it makes. Maybe it helps if you don't take Trek too seriously and consider it some sort of sacred cow you're not allowed to make fun of? Can't wait for season 2 of this, honestly.

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