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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by stretching the motivation. I'm brainstorming on the reasoning behind their actions based on real world cultures. It's not like I'm making it up since I never stated, "This is how it is/has to be". A theory is just that, a supposition that is intended to explain something, based on principles independent of the thing to be explained. They however have hinted at a purpose and that purpose has to be something that greatly affected them, they have alluded multiple times to such things and even in their Declaration of War, it contains part of their reasoning. As for Keith saying they are running out of time, it's probably regards to Prince Heinz whom has misgivings about hurting people with his song and indeed too we see his song is hurting him. So he may indeed be running out of time necessitating an acceleration of their plans. But there has been information dropped in series that implies there is an important reason that affected the Windermere enough to force NUNS off world and to wage war against them. The Knights have constantly mentioned fighting for their wind. Which considering their society and style could imply religious context. It's all supposition but there's definitely something there and I'm not saying it's fact. I'm like I said making an educated estimate based upon what is been given and facts presented by outside sources such as magazine articles, Macross Novella, etc. I know they are, what does that have to do with the Draken being part of the long line of SV units that exist? The main point is that the Draken III is like I always suspected... a model that is part of the development tree from the SV-51/52 as a SV decedent much like the VF-31 Siegfried can trace it's lines back to the VF-0 Phoenix. The point being that the Anti-UN people have always primarily used the SV's going back as far as Macross Zero and this just helps establish that there is and has been an Anti-UN sentiment and technological influence in some ways.
  2. That's possible, it does seem to be a combination of cultural, political, and social reasons. However, at least from all indications there hasn't really been any exploitation of resources other than a market for their apples. Which means that there has to be some really plausibly deep 'exploitation' of some kind, the only kind that is available to really estimate about is the people. That in turn suggests there is some sort of issue of change that undermined a value or belief of the Windermerian's to motivate them to revolt. Especially a revolt that would actually work at expunging NUNS from their planet. There definitely has to be a much deeper role on a religious level due to their constant talk about the Winds and reclaiming it/defending/etc. So that's at least where I'm getting my concept at current, I just wish though that they'd explain more about what sort of exploitation occurred since there is currently very little in the way of facts to base things on... Though on the subject of eradicating the culture... It's similar in regards once again to the modernization of the Native American's. As they adopted newer technologies and things, the corner stones of their old ways eroded away. A good example I think would be to consider the Windermere as Amish sort of. They have their old ways and rustic means of existence. Modern technology would and does go against their belief and society and those that leave to partake in modern amenities are exiled from the Amish and not allowed back... It's not like modern society means to eradicate the Amish way, it just is counter to their ways that it presents a cultural rift that can bring about an end to the Amish peoples way of life if they all were to just accept the modern goods. This is much how I am perceiving the Windermere, they have their ways of life and it's not like NUNS means to destroy it... it's just a side effect of their technological advancements and long lived lives in contrast. It may even be that they do not approve of anyone other than themselves flying in their skies, which based on their referencing Wind all the time, makes me believe that they were also perhaps unhappy with none Windermere operating in their airspace. But yeah, until there's more facts... This is really all I can surmise while looking at similar situations with various real world cultures as reference. Cultural, Social, and Political really strike me as the three primary factors... Economic not so much, at least yet. Unless perhaps they leveraged technological advancements for resources... Hmm. I'll have to rewatch all the Windermere scene's to check for that.
  3. Woo! I totally called it! I had a feeling that the SV-Draken III was in some way descended from the SV-51/52 and was attributed to former ex-Anti UN people. Validation is sweet. That aside... I don't really blame the Windermerian's for the revolt, considering they are short lived it's the whole concept of leaving an impact of their life, value, and worth. Which never was a problem for them in the past but with longer lived species all around, it would certainly make them question their worth in the whole scheme of things. Though certainly we can't say about what sort of products the NUN governments were exploiting, as it's never stated... and to be honest based on the colonization of Ragna. I'm thinking it's not so much resources as cultural heritage that was being exploited. NUN's provided a new way of life, technology, a destabilizing force for the historical value of the Windermere people's. I see it much like the case of the Native American's, settlers come in and force their ideals, opinions, culture, items, upon the people... under the guise of uplifting, and while this seems like on the surface a good thing. It is instead undermining the cultural and religious heritage of the Windermerian's. Their beliefs are being over written and destroyed as are their ways of life. After all, we can see that Windermere seems to have a feudal system in place with a generally pre-industrialization like civilization based on their structures and general technology, their Draken's and ships excluded. Certainly if our ways of life were threatened, we'd revolt to protect what is standard norm. Actually the more I think about it, Winderemere is striking me as an analog to Japan's resistance against Westernization.
  4. Hmm... I now that you mention it... I do recall that the Macross Frontier novel stated something along the lines that he was like part Human, part Zentradi, and like you said part Zolan . But that does contradict what Dynamite 7 stated... So I'm honestly torn on what to truly believe. Though the novel is second tier canon next to the anime's, I suppose it's possible and reconcilable that Michael as well as his sister were not born in the traditional sense but cloned into existence to avoid the issues with genetic problems that might exist.
  5. That can't be as in Dynamite 7 they stated that Zolan's and Humans/Zentradi are incompatible since Zolan's are Marsupials.
  6. I've come (thanks to Kawamori) to take both the movies and the TV versions as two version of the same story, for better or for worst. Which means... both are equally valid and full of propaganda. Which means the true story is somewhere in between the two. So obviously elements from both DYRL and TV Macross would have to be true. That's why my personal interpretation of how Macross Frontier ends is that no one other than Alto dies. Yep, I take away from the movie that Alto get's obliterated by the Macross' Cannon spam. The world was a better place following~. What? I hate Alto... I wanted him dead and that gave me a satisfying ending of the turd dying. That aside, I think literally though that Kawamori wants by blending scenes of both DYRL and the TV series to remind us that both are true and that the series we are watching are actually series with in the series and therefore... romanticized and fictional... and not real and yet some elements are supposed to be and therefore what we are watching is a series in a series with in a serie-... oh dear... It's Macrossception. That's what he's going for! *cough* Either way, maybe what we are seeing is that the real event is a combination of the two? Personally I like to imagine for the true relationship is that... They fought and Milia saw little tiny Max and didn't squash him, but instead secretly followed him back to the Macross where they videogame dated before having a knife fight during which that Max realized that Milia was the giant that didn't squish him. Yeah, I know it totally piece meals both DYRL and the TV Series by saying that's how it happened, but... both are canon. So it's got to be an in between, especially if they are showing us a mixture of both now. So perhaps that's what Mirage is alluding to now, to help kind of clue us all in on that? Or maybe she's so caught up in a fake love story version herself and only knows that about her grandparents.
  7. Familiarity is one reason for the use of the SV-52. We don't know who all was on the Megaroad, however it could quite well be former Anti-UN forces, SV otaku, or a dozen other valid reason such as even economic. We know for example with Frontier why they have the Macross Quarter and a whole squadron of the VF-25 Messiahs was due to SMS financing the fleet. Following Space War I, we have to consider that many of the Megaroads were sent out in less than ideal circumstances and with less back up than the later Macross # fleets. This means they can and will take what they could get to provide additional back up. Not to mention Another thing to consider is they probably left with a few SV-52's but along the way developed new fighters. We've seen such to a degree in Macross 7 and Macross Frontier, where each fleet takes existing designs and fleshes them out to suit themselves and/or develop new ones of their own such as Macross Galaxy with the VF-27 using the data they get from NUNS. But all things point that the ship that arrived at Windermere was using SV variants. Which we have already seen one other then the Draken III thanks to the photographs show in this episode. So we are well aware of older SV's existing that aren't 51/52's. Which this shows that they have been producing other SV's for some time. In fact everything points to the fact that once the Megaroad arrived they shared their SV's with the Windermerian's since they had officially shown to have a flying squadron of their Knights in older SV/VF's. Which means then once they had their war of independence they usurped the production lines and kept them for themselves and continued to further develop them on their own. My point being that in all likely hood, the Megaroad that arrived on Windermere was primarily using SV variants and not the usual VF's. Thus the production lines for the Draken and it's ilk all hailed from the SV-51's, giving us a contiguous progression of two separate transformable mecha fighter lines. The VF's and their YF prototypes and then the rival line of the SV's of which the Draken III is current reigning king of. I will throw a guess and say that the fighters we see in the photographs are probably the previous SV unit the Draken II. But in all likely hood, Windermere colonizing Megaroad was more SV predominant than VF. However, it may be nothing more than idiological, the Windermerian's may just have simply chosen to accept the SV nomenclature for no other reason than the fact that it represented Anti-UN sentiments. Of course then though this implies that they bothered to read up on Earth history some how and chose to purposely go with such an vague obscure reason...
  8. Well that's sort of the point many of the fleets crossed paths and winded around spiraling out from Earth, not to mention it's how Frontier and Delta both showed the routes. I just traced the lines out following which fleet is what and added in suppositions of Macross 5 (Due to the fact Macross 5 was confirmed as colonizing a world and in 7 we see the world before Gigil later destroys it) and Galaxy, though not so much from Galaxy as the scene in Frontier later shows the line marked as Galaxy wind about and approach the Frontier fleet. Not necessarily as this is two different things. The Native American's weren't handed a foundry and blue prints unlike Windermere was. Like all Macross Fleet's they come with plans and means of producing their fighters as they certainly can't wait months or years for a fleet to arrive to resupply. Thus it was ready made production lines for the Windermere to grab. I equate this to WWII where the German's took over Czechoslovakia and appropriated their lines for Tank development and later went on to produce new units based upon those. You can see such with the production of the German Pz38(t), where the lines was literally taken in bulk by the Germans from which many of it's elements and parts were later used in the Jagdpanzer 38, aka. the Hetzer. So naturally with means of production, plans already given, and the basics to improve upon. It's not far fetched but in all cases likely that they took the SV line and created the next generation from it. Especially when we know early fleets such as the Megaroad's did include SV-52's in them. ~ Also for some reason speaking of Ranka and Freyja, I still like Ranka better. Freyja strikes me as... annoying. It might be that "Uweeheehee" laugh of hers or the fact that so far I'm not liking any song in the series past Ikenai BORDERLINE. But whatever the reason, Freyja is at least to me the worst female lead in Macross History. However, I'm holding off condemning her until at least Episode 7. Since that's usually where the deconstruction of the characters begin and we can start to get some inside look at the characters.
  9. I have to agree with everyone, this episode felt the weakest of them all so far. It did give a bit of backstory to things which was important, but over all mostly just an excuse for Hayate show boating imo.
  10. It looks to me to be a Macross version/telling of Der Ring des Nibelungen. We have 'Freya', 'Siegfried', the 'Walkyre' the 'Draken' (I suspect one of the pilots or the unique unit of which will be called Fafnir), and the western fantasy styling.
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