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  1. QEssential

    Hi-Metal R

    No wonder older ones are hard to find...
  2. QEssential

    Hi-Metal R

    Has the hi-metal line been re-issued before? Looking to get a VF-1S Hikaru and Roy.
  3. I am disappointed Arcadia only chose this time to roll out these fixes. They should really have done them when reissuing them from the start. As a collector I want all my valks to be standardized. And as macross collectors we are always looking for the "definitive" version of the toy. So with this little constant upgrades and with the "premium" versions it kinda leaves us collectors in a bad spot. I don't want to rebuy all the toys I've had before! Hence, I've decided to stop buying and following Arcadia unless they do a V3 version.
  4. Should we wait for the premium version?
  5. Honestly, the one on the left looks just as good! Having said that, anywhere still have one for sale? For those that got one from online retailers does anyone know where I can one shipped with the brown box carton? Spotted a couple at yahoo auctions. Have one finger on the trigger. lol
  6. I have a spare version of the tinted canopy. How hard is it to swap? Possible?
  7. TBH guys, I'm still not sure if I can pull the trigger on this. Heart says yes, brain (and wallet) says no! I mean it's nice to have but not absolute necessary. I already have the earlier VF-1Ss. It might also signal to Arcadia that its ok to jack up prices for premium versions. And tbh, the no steps on the wings are a bit too much I reckon! lol
  8. I would say keep it. Keep at least one for the memories like I did. They were the pinacle (and I would argue they still are) of Macross toy engineering back then so I say they are worth a keep.
  9. I've always prefered the red colour scheme so Hikaru for me!
  10. WTF??? Am I the only one terribly bothered by this??? I'm really tempted to cancel until they fix this for the renewals!
  11. Yeah, I know it's based off a video game hence why I thought it was a limited release.
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