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  1. ill get shouted out that's fine. You said progressive not me. Look up the definition of progressive.
  2. Yeah, being told "thanks for the wake up call" and insinuating that I am anti gay and made them feel not included is real civil. Thanks for ignoring that and blaming me for only stating its a political themed topic.
  3. Don't say I'm making something political that isn't. That's B. S. Gay marriage was in the supreme court and north Carolinas law is being disputed by the justice department. A law was just passed to allow our gay soldiers to be open and stop the don't ask don't tell policy by Clinton. So according to you those aren't political?Should it be? No. But it is and sorry its not me making it political. I never went after anyone, but just by stating its a political topic, you and others jumped me. The aggressive posts are from you who came after and labeled me. You should also apologize, but you won't. Your argument; however, is a total lie. The Supreme Court and current legislation proves that its a lie. This site should stay away from topics where when someone is asked their view and gives it, they get profiled, labeled, and attacked as anti gay.
  4. This isnexactly the problem with the thread, if anyone answers no, they are going to get labeled as non inclusive. You just labeled me that way and frankly I never gave an opinion one way or the other. I just called this thread what it is which is political just like guns. Your response proves the problem with this thread. If someone says no, you and others will jump on them and say you no longer feel included and I somehow excluded you. You labeled me I didn't label you, I said the forum is political and you jumped me as if I was against it. I never said I was or Gave any opinion at all because my concern is what just happened to me by you. How are our homosexual members going to feel when members say no and state their views? You just showed how you would respond and I didn't even give an opinion. I'm stating precedent on the site. Issues like guns etc. Have always been a nono and were even shut down or moved somewhere else. And rightfully so. "Thanks for the wakeup call" what is that supposed to mean? That I don't like you? your statement was the most aggressive and charged comment on here. Members shouldn't be put in a position to feel uncomfortable and you just proved the point. If people start saying no and stating their opinion against it, they will get the "wake up call" comment also huh? You should apologize for labeling me. My comments were about the nature of the poll and macrossworld has a no politics rule unless it has changed. i know I'm alone on this but in the end, this poll labels people by ideology based on their answer. You really jumped the gun here. You just profiled me as someone you got a "wake up call" from and makes you feel not included and you made that because you profiled and assumed just because I said it was political that I was against our homosexual friends.
  5. I agree and that's why this kind of topics shouldn't be on here. Staying on topic means staying on a hot political issue right now. Don't shoot the messenger folks, it is what it is and the site should remain consistent. This poll defines members as right and left right down the ideology line and its not right.
  6. Really? Why is it a hot topic now regarding the north Carolina law about unisex bathrooms, gay marriage is now in the supreme court. Saying sexuality isn't a political issue jut doesn't hold water. We are advertising how many macross members as a Percentage disagree about open gay relationships in the series, sounds and looks like the polls for supporting same sex bathrooms. If this debate and poll made it to the national media, It would be viewed and rightfully so as a political ideology poll.
  7. I thought politics was a no no on this site. It can't be disputed that this is one of the hottest political topics right now. I just don't see how this gets to stay based on this being just about macross and not weaving politics into it. If it does stay, I think it would be way too subjective to shut down other topics by saying their political and this is not. I don't think us as mutual fans should have polls to polorize ourselves into polls based on ideology, its just not what this site is for or ever has been. The existence of a poll like this should be on the news but not here. I can see the news polling if same sex should make it into Saturday cartoons but not here. Lay those passions aside and keep this site as one pure place we can all go and get away from politics.
  8. Photoetch the Marcoss kite or SMS Logo
  9. Omnichannel

    Hi-Metal R

    Mine only shipped after I called them on the phone. Yes, I actually called them.
  10. Please add me on the next batch for 3 yellow and 3 red
  11. Just don't have the time or skill, I want to pay Comission for: MG Sinanju Animation version I have the model and water slides I'd like a gloss coat but no orange peel done in bright red. If you could send a link or photos of your work that would be great and I'm fine with a 60 day turn around, longer as long as communication stays open.
  12. Omnichannel

    Hi-Metal R

    UPDATE, I CALLED INTERNATIONAL TO NY Sorry for the caps but here it is straight from the management on the phone. A massive batch on a global email went out to a mass of customers to notify them of the increased shipping, they were then made aware that not all of the emails went through. The staff who answers the online tickets can only see that you were sent an email, so if you were one that failed to receive it they will just keep responding that they sent you a message. (They responded to me on 3 messages over and over again that they emailed it even when I told them I didnt get it). I got the management to email me the invoices and i paid them. Guys, if you are still in preperation in progress then odds are they think you got the invoice via email. The good news is that my stock was set aside as a paid pre order. I had to add a $5.00 service plan to my phone to dial international but they are very helpful when they answer. I am still done with them, having to add a plan and call international after figuring out the phantom email riddle is not the way i want buy my product.
  13. Omnichannel

    Hi-Metal R

    They didn't announce screwing people who paid by saying they sent an invoice that they didn't send. - i know you were commenting on the other post, I'm just using it as a platform to vent again- NY has always been good in the past, but this decision they made and how they are executing it is terrible. Its a dealbreaker for me if I loose preorders I paid for up front.
  14. Omnichannel

    Hi-Metal R

    They didn't even send an email for it, its not even listed on my order history on NY's website. I think others are in the same boat, NY thinks they sent an invoice and didn't so our product sits. They really blew this. I'm done with them if i loose these.
  15. Omnichannel

    Hi-Metal R

    I think were going to get screwed out of the valk as a whole, I'd open a ticket. NY is thinking they have sent invoices for additional shipping but they haven't. They really blundered with the execution of that BS additional charge.
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