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  1. koonfasa

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    dang was asked to do something at work... ohwell
  2. koonfasa

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    I just want it coz everyone else wants it!
  3. koonfasa

    Bandai DX VF-31

    The 31's look real nice, but I didn't like the series as much as Frontier and just didn't see the need to chase all of them. Hoping to maybe get one eventually...
  4. koonfasa

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    And I downloaded the app... That's new buying with from an app. So easy with ebay and ali, it might not be good for me.
  5. koonfasa

    Hi-Metal R

    Is that to scale with the other HMR? I thought it'd be cheaper.
  6. koonfasa

    Hi-Metal R

    Been neglecting this place and distracted by something else...
  7. koonfasa

    Hi-Metal R

    Crap. I didn't notice, but that's not the Monster. I don't actually have pics of it with the other HM-R. omg Photobucket sucks.
  8. Awesome! The scaling for Battletech might not be as expected, the destroids most definitely. Been thinking a 1/72 Armoured Valk could look nice with these: Or the 1/72 Destroids with the HM-R. It's the iconic mech on the cover of the rulebook we all delved into, but I feel I just want one, ShadowHawk, Wolverine, Griffin, Griffin. Anyway these are going to be repainted to infinity compared to Macross, right?
  9. koonfasa

    Hi-Metal R

    Oh wow, Dougram?!! I missed the last two HMR drops and am still ambivalent about it. I reckon they'll be easy enough to get but I've also got M&M in 1/60. Not sure about this exclusive either, especially since I've been dropping for their SW/Marvel Figuarts exclusives. And I broke my last exclusive doing this: Hurts even more when that Monster goes on sale barely a month after release. Do they expect us to buy the same number of Monsters as Valks or Regults? Anyway, Dougram?!!
  10. Oh, my brother got me that Ghostrider last month. Haven't opened it yet, as I'm trying to stay away from Lego. And I have the original Catwoman and bike still unopened. I bought that for a rainy day and it got buried away. Anyway... And thinking about that Prime.
  11. koonfasa

    Hi-Metal R

    Good lord, he's much longer than I thought! Something else caught my eye the other day.
  12. Just seeing these and I'm feeling better about missing the last few HMR preorders.
  13. koonfasa

    Hi-Metal R

    You guys weren't expecting a hit like that with shipping? If I go SAL I think I'm within my customs limit. This is going to be exciting. I have no more space. lol, ever thought of group preordering and cancelling!
  14. koonfasa

    Hi-Metal R

    I couldn't hold my second preorder for the Monster. Naughty me decided to pay for Hot Toys Deadpool.
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