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  1. Man, I never figured out how to use Amazon JP from the states. It always seemed like my address wasn't valid. I'm also just inept.
  2. I've been on a hiatus from this thread. Has anyone not received their TV super parts from Nin Nin yet? Mine is apparently still in progress. I've sent in a ticket with no reply for about two weeks now. Shame.
  3. Thanks for the update! It still says preparation in progress so hopefully I'll be in the next wave.
  4. Anyone hear from Nin Nin for the TV Super Parts? Or do they usually have delays on releases.
  5. NNG sent out my more expensive Roy first on release day, but they did fulfill my $170 Roy the week after. I recall a user posting their NNG Roy with another retailers price sticker. I don't know what system they're using to choose whose order is prioritized, but I'm waiting to see how they handle the TV super parts now.
  6. I just received a shipping notification for my first batch Roy from NinNin. Looks like the delay is over and they're shipping it through DHL now instead of FedEx.
  7. Nin Nin has already delivered one of my Roys (a late order batch) while my first order batch Roy is still under preparation (after paying an extra shipping fee). If @Anasazi37 is correct, then looks like they'll most likely be shipped out next week. I'm also surprised to hear so many negative things about Nippon Yassan, which I haven't ordered Roy from. I've ordered various items from them in the past and they've always come through. Maybe COVID changed how they operate?
  8. Yeah, I wasn't sure if this was their last-minute attempt to micro-scalp some people. Why would they ship out my later order first ( with no request for extra shipping ) while my first order took a few days longer to prep and is now required an additional shipping fee? At least FedEx delivered my Roy a day early so I'm happy about that! NinNin pulling through but also making decisions I don't fully agree with...
  9. NinNin just sent me an email: "Dear Customer We are contacting you regarding your order. Unfortunately due to the size of your package, we have to ask additional shipping fee." This is in regards to my first wave Roy order that was priced at $170. They are now asking for an additional $18 on top of the shipping I already paid. My Roy ordered at a later time at $275 (also from NinNin) was shipped last week with the same shipping method and is arriving on Wednesday. I'm left a little confused.
  10. Up on Mandarake for 27k Yen https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1153289708&ref=list&keyword=DX超合金&lang=en as of this posting.
  11. As someone else mentioned earlier, I really wish they adopted the Good Smile method. Having a preorder window takes off so much stress and really helps deter scalpers.
  12. I'm sure you've contacted NIN NIN already but have you confirmed that mistake is permanent? I haven't seen a used Hikaru on their site but they do have a new one listed for that price. If they're not willing to cancel your order I would at least attempt to make an exchange since the Roy is technically cheaper and still in "stock" on their site. Sucks you have to go through all this trouble :/ Very true but I've seen 3rd party metal build Gundams around while I don't think I've ever seen any DX-like Macross KOs
  13. Man, I wish those time windows existed for the DX line. Seeing shops sell out within one refresh is insane. On the topic of 3rd Ps, why aren't they as prevalent for the Macross line?
  14. Yeah, I'd be interested in seeing a NIN NIN thread on release day. Really worrying how they kept reopening pre-orders with escalating prices and hearing about other shady practices. Hopefully all us NIN NIN folk will experience smooth transactions but I'm expecting a big R.I.Pineapples...
  15. I noticed HLJ pushing their date to September as well.
  16. Odd question, but are there replaceable screws for the original ones used in this valk (any other 1/60 VF-1)? I took mine apart recently to apply decals and to panel line, but misplaced the screws I kept in a ziploc whilst moving. Any help or point the right direction would be appreciated. Thank you.
  17. I feel like it would be an okay solution if you aren't going to be handling it too often. I've only used the tamiya cement on model kits, so I don't handle them much afterwards. Mind me asking how that happened? Maybe something I can look out for on my own VF-1J, thanks.
  18. I really wish I had purchased a second VF-0s . This is looking really good so far and I don't mind the baby hands
  19. Ah, gotcha and thank you. Yeah, I feel more comfortable working with waterslides so maybe I'll look into getting a custom sheet.
  20. Question about additional markings: Are they stickers or waterslides? I'm aware the previous Arcadia VF-1Ss included both, but wanted to confirm for this release.
  21. Yeah, this is being done on an Arcadia valk, and I didn't have plans on putting an extra coat on after application. I'll have to keep everything you noted in mind. My main concern was with the mark softer affecting the paint in an undesirable way. Thanks for the reply addict!
  22. To those that applied decals to their toy valks, have you used adhesive solutions(specifically Mr. Mark Setter/Softer)? I'v only used them on my bare Gunpla, but now my concern lies with affecting the valk's paint. Any advice is appreciated, thank you.
  23. Ha! That makes a lot more sense. The currency was displayed as $200 and I didn't take it into context.
  24. Huh, the robot spirits Penelope is really growing on me, but a $200 difference between the two? Wow.
  25. OG Roy, you're right! I forgot the burns. I'll get around to fixing that later. Thanks neo, my style is heavily dependent on my mood. Maybe I was hungry
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