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  1. I don't know why this new visor bothers me so bad. The entire piece is incredible and the fact they even made it....but geez....I'm losing sleep over that visor. I guess I'm a purist. I don't know why but I just look at the figure as a whole and all I see is the visor. To me the beauty of the visor was the simplicity of it. My guess is the influence comes from old Japanese Kabuki face art. Oh well...I guess I'm just thankful they even made the thing to proper scale/etc. I'll just have to deal with the man-o-lantern.
  2. So are you guys finally starting to receive your pre-orders? I haven't seen mine yet. Ordered in January through Big Bad Toy Store. For those of you that have received....is the visor as bad as we envisioned with the whole Jack-O-Lantern look?
  3. Subtle is the key word. Those recent released pics are far from subtle.
  4. This picture right here... https://ameblo.jp/sen-ti-nel-info/image-12362327147-14154649802.html First thing that comes to mind is my kid's Beyblade Burst Spryzen...haha don't know why.
  5. You're right. Could be lighting...but the original has the same pattern...however its not as noticable.....but that 2nd version...looks raised. It completely distracts you from that nice sleek/clean look. Far removed from the original. Not happy right now.
  6. Is it just me or does the visor now look like a Jack-O-Lantern? I'm going to be really bummed if those visor "veins" are external/raised off the visor. I don't know why they opted to go that route with the visor but I'm just gonna put it out there that it looks like crap. Aside from the main focal point of the varicose visor, the whole thing looks pretty incredible.
  7. Pre-ordered awhile ago. Curious if anyone has an intel on the release date and a guesstimate on when they will get shipped? thanks!
  8. Question: The little HUD guidance system that we normally see on the right shoulder....will this be an option with the Riobot 1/12 or no?
  9. Guess I could have been more specific. I meant from the toy side. I pre-ordered the 052F.
  10. Whats the diff between the 052T and the 052F?
  11. I always see where the VF-4G made its appearance once in a particular side profile clip....but no one ever mentions the desk model of the lightning sitting there when Lisa walks in on Rick/Minmay hookin up....plus it has a blue paint scheme....
  12. Curious if anyone ever applies the supplied decals that come with the valks? If so, can you post pics?
  13. Bummer. Hate to see that. I really wish Arcadia would come out with the YF-21.....Im sure they could improve on so much
  14. Awesome thank you so much. So I need to go through Buyee. Hah. I'll make sure not to bid on anything of yours unless it has to do with Macross Zero. Do you need to look for specifics on shipping? What is a good average price to ship to the US?
  15. So what is the estimated ETA for the release on the ride armor? Pre-order kind of thing? What price do we think its gonna debut at?
  16. Curious if any of you have made any transactions on Yahoo Japan? I thought about bidding on something but do not have any experience using it. Anything to look out for? Easy to use? Not easy to use? thanks!
  17. Heck yes! I just had a recent thread going looking for this neck piece. Person who sold me their YF19 failed to mention it was missing the neck piece. Thank you. Just ordered this
  18. Tell u what....if I owned a pair of Yamato M&M, I'd be selling while the demand is hot. I watched several people hold out on selling the VF-4 when the prices were stupid high. Then arcadia re-booted the lighting and prices flopped on the yamato. I've collected a lot of things.....funny how this hobby ....the vintage toys go down in price once a re-issue comes out. In the majority of the collecting world, most original vintage 1st issues are so much more valuable....whether it's comics, skateboards, etc. Here it's the opposite. Fascinating
  19. Wasn't the YF-19 mold just as old?
  20. Bummer. So another year before the possibility of the YF-21 or VF-11b.
  21. A thread that I started back in 2015! Hah. Forgot all about it and I do apologize!
  22. I remember a few years back, everyone was discussing the likely next move was Arcadia creating a reboot of the VF-4 Lightning. Prices on the Yamato version were averaging $800 - $1400. And per everyone's speculation, the re-release came out. So FF a few years and what are we looking at now as far as a possibility of what will be released in the coming days? Do you think Arcadia will reboot the YF-21 or VF-11b? Since they already did the YF-19, we can expect they will probably work the realm of Macross Plus...IMO. Your thoughts?
  23. That almost makes me want to buy a Yamato over the Arcadia
  24. So I own the Yamato VF-11b. Why on earth did they (Yamato/Arcadia) not use magnets to hold armor/super packs on with other models? This works flawlessly and does not fall off! And so freakin easy for assembly/disassembly! Why would Arcadia not use this method currently? In my opinion, this should be a given. Like someone trying to use a square wheel when we have a proven round one. I'm sure this has been discussed in the past. I don't get to spend too much time on here as I do love collecting some of these but not all. I have too many other hobbies to dedicate all my time to one (80s skateboards, vintage 4x4s, etc) So are there other Yamato or Arcadia models that make use of magnets or no?
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