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  1. Just now, seti88 said:

    I understand the business rationale for the 2nd delta movie, but am hoping there would be a separate new series announcement too thats not delta.

    However how realistic is that, for macross to launch 2 new animations within the same year? 


    Doubtful, but this second movie could just be something to appease the fans while they get more time to do pre-prod on a new series

  2. I enjoyed M2 more than i did Delta.

    I dont know why we cant get a story parallel to the same timeline as delta. Another planet, civil war or something.

    Instead of idols we have rocks bands that do their own "song of war" to get pilots amped up during battle.

    Opossing rocks bands going at it etc.  I dunno... just anything except more Delta.


    PS: we need to get a discord going guys

  3. Haven't watched it yet either.

    It is nice to hear that Mirage got a flash back scene that shows she'll actually a Jenius. For a while I assumed Mirage was just any unrelated character at first that they gave her the Jenius afterwards to tie the series together. Wait a minute is now the time to show a flash back? I think I'll enjoy watching it but isn't time use very important in finale episodes?

    So the big final fight is between Keith and Roid to the death? I don't remember them having mecha duels before? Are there any other mecha duels to the death between Delta team and the other nights?

    Oh yeah do they cure Windermere of the aging disease through the power of song or are they all still doomed to only live around 30 years?

    Nope... pretty much everyone lives except Roid and Keith.

    Freya does get more scales on her hand.

  4. Action scenes were great but they tied what lose ends they could in the time given.

    The best part of this episode was the vf-9 cutlass and kid Mirage.

    Just imagine if we had small flash backs with Max/Milia showing a young Mirage around the valks.

    Ultimately we didnt get to know enough about these characters well enough to care about them.

    Remember when the Immelman dance was a thing.

    Nothing announced post credits? I was too busy having a rib cracking sigh to continue watching the stream.

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