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  1. Lol that made me laugh. You can still have a good time with LEGO, according to them up to the age of 99
  2. Cute, but a total rip off. At 129USD, you'd probably be able to build this set using real Lego's for the same amount of money. Download yourself LDD or Stud.io and you can rebuild the set based on the pictures. That's what those Chinese knock off companies do anyway with all the HOT sets on LEGO Ideas. That's why I'll never buy a product from them. They rebuild sets based on pictures the original creator posted, and the result is just garbage. Since most designers don't post pictures of the internal structures, the copy cats have to improvise. What you get are disasters like
  3. Sharing some pictures of the actual build. The project has now around 1270 votes with over 500 days to go. If you are internste, you can support the idea at: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/abb7ff10-7691-4461-8f95-3040a169ae48
  4. Hi guys. One of my creations was accepted into Lego Ideas. It's the VF-1A in fighter mode, 64cm in length, no transformation. It features multiple features like sweepable wings, functional landing gear and wing flaps. In order for it to make it into the review phase I have to reach 10000 votes. If you like it and think it's something that would interest you, I hope you could support it on the Lego Ideas site. You can find my project here: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/abb7ff10-7691-4461-8f95-3040a169ae48 Thank you!
  5. No I didn't, my wife was using my phone to take pictures. I was just too focus on the two valks. One of them was partially disassembled , so before I met him I had to put it back together to have it actually signed. If he ever comes back to Manila I'll have one of the ARMD carriers signed and I'll print out a nice poster sized picture of the SDF-1 for him to sign as well. But knowing that Kazutaka Miyatake designed the SDF-1, I wonder if it would be okay though. Thanks, it was the number one topic during my last LEGO Group meeting. I'm happy that I was able to go and that my wife supp
  6. Haha, I'm seriously wondering that too. I wish I would have at least brought one of the ARMD carriers. But I had my hands full with the two battroids. One of them was in my backpack the other one I had in a paperbag. I had to be ultra careful because people kept on bumping into my stuff. He looked very happy and pointed out areas like the chest and other pieces, he called his assistant over and had her take pictures. He genuinely seemed to appreciate the builds. If it wasn't for the language barrier I'm sure we could have had a short but interesting conversation about th
  7. Just wanted to share this with you guys. I had the honor to meet Shoji Kawamori himself during the Asia Pop Comic Con. I waited 9 hours in line that day to meet him and have my LEGO creations signed. It was an amazing experience. I felt like a little kid, I was nervous as hell. A moment I won't forget
  8. CUSTOM BRICK CREATIONS- VF-1A& S PDF instructions including parts list in Xml format and decal template (photoshop) Bricks are not included but need to be purchased separately! The finished build consists of approximately 1400 bricks (per mech, including stand) and stands 39cm/ 15.8 inches tall. This build is battroid mode only and does not transform. The price is 31.95$ You can order from the Facebook page FB.ME/LEGOSDF1 just send me a message including your email address and I will send you an invoice. The instructions will be send within 24hr
  9. @Mazinger Thank you! @arbit Try changing the theme into extended, that makes all pieces available in all colors. Otherwise, as already mentioned by M'Kyunn, the inventory is incomplete. It might take some time until it will be updated again.
  10. Thank you guys! As said by @barurutor, this set wouldn't make it far. Licensing would definitely be a problem. On top of that, this is not really a play set. It's comparable to LEGO Ultimate Collector Series sets, it's made of over 1000 bricks and is rather fragile. You build it, pose it, and then place it in your display case/cabinet next to your other Valks. I just wanted to create something that I could display next to my SDF-1 during conventions. @ScrambledValkyrie Most parts were sourced off Bricklink, some came from my own stash. But Bricklink is your #1 source for LEGO
  11. Time to update this thread with the actual builds. I've made decals to add detail to the mocs. I haven't taken pictures of the A yet, so I'll just post the S for now. Some quick info on the set, it's 39cm / 15.8 inches tall, approx 1150 bricks.
  12. Thanks for the kind words guys, I'm glad you like it.
  13. Sorry you guys had to wait this long, but I finally took some pictures. I finished the last ARMD carrier last night for today's event, so you guys finally get to see some pictures of the finished SDF-1. I'll update the first post as well. Hope you'll like them!
  14. This is amazing! Keep up the great work.
  15. Let me clean up the file before I post it. I made some questionable choices, like using a 1x2 and 2x2 in places where I could have used a 2x3 plate. I fixed those issues when I made the actual build. It seems like I was a bit in a rush when I built the ARMD carriers.
  16. Thanks! Funny because a friend and I were talking about LDD vs actual brick prototyping. He told me he admired people who use LDD because he just can't get the hang of it. Personally I envy him because he has enough bricks to just go ahead and prototype. I have to say that some things are easier accomplished with real bricks. LDD can a bit tedious at times, but I have no other choice.
  17. Thanks mate. Some time ago, I started work on a VF-25 but it's on ice right now. I might make some changes and turn it into a gerwalk VF-1 or fighter mode with strike pack. It's of a bigger scale than the battroid though. Thanks !
  18. Hi guys ! So after finishing the SDF-1 I thought that something was missing. Of course the SDf-1 can't be without it's squadron of valks. I loaded up Lego Digital Designer and started on working on Hikaru's VF-1A from DYRL. I didn't want to spend all that much time, so I decided that I'd only build it in battroid mode, no transformation. Finished product sports approx 1030 bricks, a lot less than the 11.000 brick heavy SDF-1. Now it's time to start the actual build.
  19. Thank you ! I hope you get to build your own SDF-1 one day. I love Lego but I have a feeling that other themes are being dominated by anything Star Wars. You get dozens of replies/feedback for the 100th iteration of an AT AT, Star Destroyer or Millennium Falcon, but out standing MOC's in other themes often fall through the cracks. I'd love to see more attempts on Macross other themed MOCs.
  20. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate that ! I enjoyed every moment working on this project, and at the end I can say that it was worth the effort.
  21. The SDF-1 has been completed and I will update the first post once I have some better quality pictures. In the mean time you can visit the Facebook page.
  22. I was planning to sell the LDD file, but I decided to finish the actual build first. I made some improvements to the frame and some other important changes to improve the overall sturdiness of the MOC. Once I'm done I'll consider if I'll sit down and take the time to work on some instructions. But for now I just want to concentrate on finishing it. Anyway, thanks for the advice. Could you please name me some other MOC sites besides mocpages.com ? Here is the latest progress. I improved the docking blocks, they are much thicker and stronger now. Holding up the ARM carriers should no longer
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